15 August 2016

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Rio 2016 Olympics: Japan Wins Gold Medal in Men's Team Artistic Gymnastics

As per the recent Rio Olympics update, Japan has celebrated its winning the Olympic gold medal in the team event of the artistic gymnastics at the Rio 2016 Olympics, whereas China is settled with the Bronze medal and Russia found space in between the Asian countries to get the silver which is known to be its first medal in this event since 16 years. You can also check Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony details here.

Japan Wins Gold Medal in Team Artistic Gymnastics at Rio Olympics

Japan is Happy with Gold in Team Artistic Gymnastics Event

The Kohei Uchimura of the Japan has provided inspiration lead his team to victory. At the age of 27 years, he is known to be the best gymnast of the world having won 6 Olympic medals and 10 world championships along with gold medal in all around in the 2012 London Olympics which followed his silver at Beijing. He also won silver medals in the team events at London and Beijing Olympics.

Uchimura has praised the crowd present their with a smiley face saying fantastic crowd who are happy for cheering for the countries apart from the host country even though mistakes are made. He also added that he feel very good competing in Rio. He also added other words like getting gold makes him satisfied etc. Meanwhile, the other countries Russia who won the meal in the Rio after 16 years were overjoyed and china is disappointed with bronze.
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08 August 2016

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2016 Olympic Games: August 8th India’s Day-3 Schedule at Rio de Janeiro

On Monday, 8th of August 2016, Indian Olympians will be representing the country in the events such as hockey both men and women’s teams, 10, Air Rifle, swimming and Individual Women’s Archery. Check out the complete schedule of India on the 3rd day at Rio de Janeiro and the participating contenders in those events from the below given table. For daily Indian schedule at the Rio Olympics 2016, you can stay tuned with our website and we will update the details in the site regularly.

India’s August 8th Day-3 Schedule at Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016

Timings (IST)
Participating Olympian

August 8th, 2016
Shooting (Men) 10m Air Rifle (Qualification and Finals)
17:30 hrs & 20:30 IST
Abhinav Bindra,
Gagan Narang and
Sandhu and Chenai (Trap Qaulifiers)
Archery (Women) Individual Eliminations
19:27 IST
Laxmirani Majhi
Field Hockey Men ( India vs Germany)
19:30 IST
PR Sreejesh and Co.
Women’s Hockey ( India vs Great Britain)
02:30 IST

Swimming (Women’s 200m Freestyle heats)
21:32 IST
Shivani Kataria
Swimming (Men’s 200m Butterfly heats)
22:04 IST
Sajan Prakash
World Watch (Sailing Women’s RS:X)
07:41 IST
Marina Alabau
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Olympics 2016: Michael Phelps Wins His 19th Gold Medal at Rio

The swimming USA legend Michael Phelps has won 19th Olympic Gold medal in his awesome career on 7th of August 2016, Sunday and helped the men’s team of US to victory in the 4x100m free style event.

USA Swimming Champ Michael Phelps Wins His 19th Gold Medal at Rio

This 31 year old most decorated Olympian has achieved total of 23 medals out of which 19 are gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in his entire swimming career at Olympics i.e., in the time span of 16 years after making his Olympic debut. The champions of the London 2012 France has taken the silver medal and Australia won the bronze. Phelps with his baby Boomer among the audience, Phelps competed in the race which has brought him 4 of his medals which also includes the gold medal in Beijing in the year 2008. He is first swimmer to win gold medal at four separate events or the games.

The team US has set up a world record at 3 minutes, 8,24 seconds in the finals of Beijing which is a race in the era of bodysuit which still stands out and it is likely to last for some more time. But, on Sunday they came very closer than anyone when the Phelps, Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Held as well as Nathan Adrian clocked at 3:09:92. Phelps would definitely be a good inspiration to the debutant Olympians of the country. Stay tuned with this site for more Rio Olympic updates.
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Rio Olympics Update: Indian Gymnast Dipa Karmakar Qualified for Vault Finals

India’s Women debutant Gymnast Dipa Karmakar created history by becoming the first Indian Olympian by qualifying for the individual vaults finals after completing the 8th round of the qualifying match at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016.

Indian Gymnast Dipa Karmakar Qualifies for Vault Finals at Rio

Tripura’s first women gymnast from the country who has qualified for the Rio has managed in performing at the Produnova vault that is much appreciated cleanly securing 14.850 points after 2 attempts. She completed in 8th after the terrific effort made by the Canadian Shallon Olsen in securing 14.950 rearraging the overall standings. But, Karmakar’s points are just enough to secure her place at the finals which are going to be held on 14th of August as the top 8 gymnasts have made their cut at the medal round. But, she has earned that points in difficulty and she has to work more to win medal for the country in the finals. Let us hope she would give tough competition for other gymnasts and win in the finals. More Olympic 2016 updates are given in this site. So, do follow them.
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06 August 2016

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Tonga’s Shirtless Olympic Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua was Hottest Commodity at Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

Pita Taufatofua - The Olympic flag bearer at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony has been the talk of the world now. Pita who has been unfamiliar or relatively unknown to many people across the world is now trending from Rio 2016 i.e., after the festivities of the Friday night. Social networking sites like Twitter excited with this shirtless, slicked and heavyweight competitor of the taekwondo. After the completion of the Opening ceremony of Rio 2016 as well as the Portuguese CerimoniaDeAbertura, the term that is trending highest on the Twitter was #Tonga with over 45 million mentioning it from all across the globe i.e., even before the NBC has aired it in the country US.

Tonga’s Shirtless Olympic Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua was Hottest Commodity at Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

When it comes to the 6 feet 3 Pita who is from Tonga, he is going to compete in Taekwondo i.e., in men's 80kg class and he is a self funded person. He lists his inspiration the iconic Bruce Lee. He will begin his competition on 20th of August 2016 at the Carico Arena 3. Pita’s day job is that, he works at the Sandgate House in Brisbane of the Australia, where he will be helping kids to develop their own independent skills of living. He has an Instagram account.
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South Korean Archer Kim Woojin Sets First World Record at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

As per the recent update from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, even before the opening ceremony Olympics 2016 has got the first world record set by the Archer Kim Woojin. He was an archer from the Republic of Korea.

South Korean Archer Kim Woojin Sets First World Record at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

On 5th of August 2016, Friday Morning the South Korean Kim Woojin has scored 700 in the Olympic game archer with 72 arrows in the Men’s individual ranking round at the Sambordromo stadium and won in the first place. After his stunning performance, Kim has told to the Olympic News Service that, he has practiced more than any other person and that he gave his best for the entire world. He also added that, there is more important tournament tomorrow and that he will not be celebrating today as he wanted to focus on the match that will happen tomorrow. May be later he will get to enjoy says Kim.
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Who Is Performing At The 2016 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony??

The Olympics 2016 closing ceremony which is going to take place on 21st of August 2016 will start with the formal or the traditional ceremonial of this international event of sporting. This event includes the hosting of flags of all the nations, parades of the countries, closing ceremony speech along with the exhausting of the Olympics 2016 flame.

Performers at Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony Performers

The entire event of the Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony will take place at the Maracana Stadium of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, 21st August in which nearly 78,000 viewers or the Olympic fans are expected for the event. Along with the traditional features, there will be some celebrations in which a wide range of performances will be made by the various artists same as the opening ceremony. The directors of the opening and closing ceremony events of both Olympic and Paralympics have selected a total of 14,000 various sporting and artistic performers of various fields to perform at both closing and opening ceremonies and entertain the audience. This will include the musical bands, singers, jugglers, cheerleaders, capoeira groups as well as the other range of performers from the country Brazil as well as from other nations too. All these performers have been divided to perform across the four ceremonies of Olympics and Paralympics.

As per the past update from the official sources, it is also announced that after a range of auditions conducted, a wide spectrum of the street dancers have been added to the performers list for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games. It is said that there are 100 dancers recruited by the organizers who will be playing the key role at both the ceremonies at Maracana stadium i.e., on 5th and 21st of August 2016. It is expected that the dancers will be performing a range of acrobatic and technical techniques in a huge participation routine which Summer Olympics 2016 hope will be displaying the culture of the city at its best. Huge number of performers for the Rio opening and closing ceremonies were known to come for the neighborhoods areas that are across the north zone of the Rio which is the area that is poorer than the south zone of the city.
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05 August 2016

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August 5th: Day-1 Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Schedule

Here is the update of the August 5th Rio Olympics. Friday, 5th of August 2016 is the starting day of the Rio 2016 Olympics. This Summer Olympics 2016 will start with an opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium of the Rio de Janeiro of the Brazil at 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. CT. Fans and athletes from all the corners of the world who are awaiting for the event can now watch it via the live streaming or the live TV channels provided by various networks for different countries. The official live streaming partner for the Rio Olympics is NBC and the viewers can watch the opening ceremony through it but with one hour delay. Check out the complete schedule of the 5th August 2016 Rio Olympics i.e., the sports that are going to be played on the day and its timings as well as the results. We will update the results of the games once the events are finished. Also the day wise schedule of the  Olympics 2016 Games will be regularly updated here in our site. So, stay tuned with this site for the updates.

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Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony and Its Complete Information

Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is officially known to take place on 5th of August 2016, Friday evening in Maracanã Stadium of the Rio de Janeiro at 20:00 BRT (23:00 UTC). The proceedings of the Opening ceremony is said to be the combination of the formal opening ceremony of this international gaming event which includes the flags hosting, welcome speeches, and the athletes parade with the creative vision for showcasing the culture of the host nation. Rio Olympics opening ceremony is going to be one of the highlights of the entire Olympic events and it is going to be celebrated in a grand manner. The complete details of the Olympics 2016 opening ceremony that you are looking for are given below. So, check out the details.

Maracana Stadium - Summer Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony Venue
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04 August 2016

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Rio 2016: Michael Phelps Nominated as USA Flag-Bearer at Opening Ceremony

The swimming legend and most decorated Olympian in the history of the Olympic Games – Michael Phelps is going to walk in to the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony carrying US flag for the first time. He has been nominated as the flag-bearer for the team USA at the curtain raiser event of the Rio 2016. Michael has been selected by all his teammates which include the delegation of totally 556 athletes which is the largest team at the Olympic Games.

Michael Phelps Nominated as USA Flag-Bearer at Rio Opening Ceremony

Michael Phelps has told that, he is honored to be chosen, proud for representing the country US as well as humbled by the importance of carrying the flag and all that is stands for.

This is first time for the Phelps and he has never walked out in to the Opening Ceremony in the past as the swimming competition used to begin typically on the very next day after the curtain raiser and that he was scheduled for the race.

Michael Phelps will be competing totally in three individual events at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and would be the member of all those three relay teams giving Phelps a good chance to grab the medals. Phelps who have retired from swimming after the London 2012 Olympic games as was not at his best as he says, he has reversed his decision quickly and going to compete in the Olympic games this time which he insists that this will be the final one. He says that this time around it is so much even more than medals this time.
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Andy Murray to Lead Team GB at Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

The regaining Olympic champion and the Wimbledon winner Andy Murray has been chosen as the flag bearer or the Union flag for the Great Britain’s Team GB at the Maracana Stadium of the Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony.

Andy Murray to Lead Team GB at Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

The 29 year old Andy who has been in the team of the Great Britain which has won the Davis Cup in the month of November is known to be the first tennis player for filling up the role. He has told to the BBC that, to lead the team GB it will be an unbelievable honor which is the biggest among the sports.

Along with winning in the individual gold in the London 2012 Olympic Games over Roger Federer of the Switzerland, Andy Murray also won the silver medal in the mixed doubles next to Laura Robson.

The flag bearer has been chosen among the shortlisted candidates after each sport has nominated an athlete and the Olympic Association of the British had made its selection. The team of the USA has selected the Swimming champion, Michael Phelps for leading their team on August 5th Rio Opening Ceremony at their local time 08:00 PM.
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Latest Update: IOC Approved Five More Sports for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

With Rio 2016 Olympic games is ahead to start, here is the latest update from the official sources regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As per the latest info, an interesting thing that is known addition of the five more sports to the Tokyo 2020 games have been approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 3rd of August 2016 i.e., on Wednesday. Check out the information regarding the list of those five sports that are approved for the Tokyo 2020 given below.

Five More Sports Approved For Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Five News Sports for Tokyo 2020

The list of the five more new sports approved for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games include the baseball/softball, sport climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing. These five news sports have been proposed by the organizers of the Tokyo in the last September and the IOC members have approved them unanimously. As per the new IOC rule, the local host organizers have the right to propose at least one game to be added additionally for the Olympic sports. This new approval is exclusively for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. These new games will be adding a total of 18 events and 474 athletes to the upcoming Olympic programme.

Now, the Tokyo 2020 will be featuring a total of 33 sports and 11,000 athletes which is more when compared to the Rio 2016 10,500 athletes. With the approval of the five new games, organizers hope that games like skateboarding will grab the worldwide audience attention as the snowbard halfpipe that has in the games of Winter Olympics.
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03 August 2016

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Rio 2016 Olympics: Lizzie Armitstead Says She is 'Naive' for Missed Drugs Tests

According to the latest Rio 2016 Olympic News, Lizzie Armitstead – The British world cycling star who was suspended on 11th of July 2016 awaiting disciplinary action says that she was “Very Naive” over not challenging the first 3 drug test till her Olympic place was in danger. But, she has appealed for the Cas (Court of Arbitration for Sport). She has argued successfully that the first of the tests needs to be declared invalid.

Lizzie Armitstead 'Naive' for Missed Drugs Tests

But, as per the UK Anti-doping (Ukad), Lizzie Armitstead who is 27 year old has not challenged the validity of the 1st two tests that she missed out at that time. She has told to some source that, she did think regarding this. She also added that the reason that she did not was because it was her first strike and that it is very close to the World Championships, so she was travelling to America. She also said that, she does not have any legal advice and that it has felt very much for them over her saying that she was very naïve. She finally added that she went to the World championships and that she don’t want any distractions.

The chief executive of the Ukad Nicole Sapstead in a statement said that, it had respected the result of the Cas hearing but that they wanted to know the "reasoned decision" that why the first test failure was not validated. There are many other things revealed regarding the Lizzie’s tests by the chief of Ukad and the reaction to this also given by her. Anyways, Lizzie says that she is Naïve. We have to wait to watch the truths soon.
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Olympic 2016 Torch to Arrive to Rio De Janeiro on Wednesday as Games Heads to Start

According to the latest Olympics update, the Olympic 2016 torch is going to arrive to the Rio de Janeiro the Olympic host city on Wednesday i.e., on 3rd of August 2016 on an yacht that is directed by the best crew of the 7 Olympic medal winning Brazilian sailors as the Opening ceremony of the Olympics 2016 Games going to start at Maracana Stadium on 5th of August 2016.

Olympic 2016 Torch to Arrive to Rio De Janeiro on Wednesday as Games Heads to Start

It would be taking the yacht at least one hour from sailing over the Guanabara Bay from the commuter town of Niterói to reach the Olympic city Rio de Janeiro. To start the final chapter of the epic of the torch’s 20,000Km journey all over the city Brazil, the sailors along with the Olympic torch will be giving back the symbol of the Olympic Games to Eduardo Paes who is the mayor of the Rio de Janeiro. The mayor will be the first torch bearer of the city.

After reaching the Rio, the torch on its first day will be crossing the historic center of the past capital of Brazil and will witness the transformation of the city that has been undergone and still undergoing because of the Olympic 2016 Games. The torch will travel all around the host city which will be riding on a new brand system. It visits the Municipal Theater which is the most loved and recognized buildings of the Rio and it will end the day after visiting the Rio’s deprived suburbs and spends its night at Nova Iguacu. On Thursday the torch will travel to few other places of the Rio and on Friday which is the very last 95th day of the relay, the Olympic Torch will finally make its most anticipated way to visit the statue of the Christ the Redeemer which is world famous and from there, it will reach the final destination the opening ceremony in the world’s largest Maracana Stadium in which the torch will light the Olympic cauldron which will be burning in the Rio de Janeiro until the end of the Olympic Games i.e., till 21st August 2016.
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Brazilian Singing Star Roberto Carlos Gives Voice to Rio 2016 Emotions in Promotional Video

Recently, a new promotional video of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has been released which has showcased all the different emotions felt by the greatest athletes across the world and their fans too. The soundtrack that accompanies it features the singing legend Roberto Carlos who is known as the “The King” in his home nation as well as beyond his country.

Roberto Carlos Gives Voice to Rio 2016 New Promotional Video

The seminal track of him “Emocoes” speaks regarding the passion, joy and peace, friendship which reveals the spirit of the Olympic sports or games as well as the host city of the 2016 Olympics Rio de Janeiro. The classic hit of the Crooner’s captures the passion as well as the pride of the Olympic 2016 Games in this new clip of the promo. So, all the Olympic fans can now watch out this new promo video that is attached below and get in to the Olympic mood as only few more days left out to watch the game in live.

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02 August 2016

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The Earthquake Survivor and Youngest Olympian Gaurika to Compete at Rio

The 13-year-old swimmer Gaurika Singh who has just became the teenager and who has faced some serious and deadly life experiences is known to compete at the Rio 2016 as the youngest athlete. The young swimmer already holds 7 national records in swimming in Nepal.

The Earthquake Survivor and Youngest Olympian Gaurika to Compete at Rio

Gaurika who is known to be living in the city London will be representing the Nepal at the 2016 Olympics games. She has been in the region Kathmandu in the month of April last year for the national championships when the huge earthquake has hit the area which is estimated killing 9,000 people as well as hundreds of building were crashed. Gaurika has said that, it has been terrifying who have been in the Nepal along with her little brother and her mother. She even added that she has been luckier than the others.

Among the 20 best swimmers of her same age in Britain, Gaurika Singh competes for the Barnet Copthall Club which is known to have produced lots of international competitors. Gaurika has competed in the championships of the Nepal for the first time at the age of 11 years. The girl’s is the personal best is 1minute and 8.12 seconds.

At Rio 2016 Olympics, the teenager will be competing at the Women’s 100m backstroke at the Olympic stadium Aquatics on 8th of August 2016.
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