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05 July 2016

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Rio de Janeiro All Set for Olympics Showtime – Just One Month Left for Summer Olympics 2016

With only one month i.e., 31 days away for the Rio Olympics 2016, the dress rehearsals for the event are almost finished and the curtain raiser is about to up for the Olympic sports. After 7 years of making, just one month is left to start the first Olympic sports in the South America. The city is all ready for the biggest ever event in the limelight.

Rio de Janeiro Stage - Summer Olympics 2016

Know about the Stage, Athletes, Audience and More of Rio 2016

All the venues where the Rio Olympics 2016 and the Paralympic games would take place are ready now. Over 7,000 athletes from various countries have participated in the competitions which have kept the staff as well as the places via their paces. All the test events have been completed.

Athletes Ready for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The Olympic games of the Rio 2016 will be played in 32 different venues all over the 4 zones in Rio de Janeiro along with 2 Olympic parks in Deodoro and Barra, in addition to 5 co-host cities of football. On Tuesday i.e., on 5th of July, the Main Press Centre that is located in the Barra Olympic Park will be welcoming the first media of the world. The village of the Olympics as well as the Paralmpic games will be now home for the officials and 17,000 athletes in which the city is ready for welcoming the guests. The stars or more than 10,000 best athletes of the world among 42 different sports disciplines are balanced for embarking on the lifetime journey for the Rio.

Behind the scenes, all are busy to make the world’s best event successful. Over 90,000 people which includes, employees, contractors and volunteers were all responsible for the festival. As only one month left, now all these people are picking their credentials, taking their uniforms and are getting ready for inviting the officials and guests giving them a warm welcome.

Safety Measures at Summer Olympics 2016

Security Concern at Summer Olympics 2016

On the other side of the game, people at Rio are making sure to run everything smoothly and for this a huge security force has been appointed from across various countries who will guarantee for the security and safety of the village, main infrastructures such as airport, main road; venues of the sports, athletes etc.

Apart from this, the buzzing of the audience, the supporting cast at the event, special decorations etc. all are getting ready to enjoy each and every moment at Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics 2016 sports with more enthusiasm and grace. So, friends let us too get ready for the world’s great event.
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