Monday, August 15, 2016

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Who Is Performing At The 2016 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony??

The Olympics 2016 closing ceremony which is going to take place on 21st of August 2016 will start with the formal or the traditional ceremonial of this international event of sporting. This event includes the hosting of flags of all the nations, parades of the countries, closing ceremony speech along with the exhausting of the Olympics 2016 flame.

Performers at Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony Performers

The entire event of the Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony will take place at the Maracana Stadium of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, 21st August in which nearly 78,000 viewers or the Olympic fans are expected for the event. Along with the traditional features, there will be some celebrations in which a wide range of performances will be made by the various artists same as the opening ceremony. The directors of the opening and closing ceremony events of both Olympic and Paralympics have selected a total of 14,000 various sporting and artistic performers of various fields to perform at both closing and opening ceremonies and entertain the audience. This will include the musical bands, singers, jugglers, cheerleaders, capoeira groups as well as the other range of performers from the country Brazil as well as from other nations too. All these performers have been divided to perform across the four ceremonies of Olympics and Paralympics.

As per the past update from the official sources, it is also announced that after a range of auditions conducted, a wide spectrum of the street dancers have been added to the performers list for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games. It is said that there are 100 dancers recruited by the organizers who will be playing the key role at both the ceremonies at Maracana stadium i.e., on 5th and 21st of August 2016. It is expected that the dancers will be performing a range of acrobatic and technical techniques in a huge participation routine which Summer Olympics 2016 hope will be displaying the culture of the city at its best. Huge number of performers for the Rio opening and closing ceremonies were known to come for the neighborhoods areas that are across the north zone of the Rio which is the area that is poorer than the south zone of the city.

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