01 August 2016

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Virtual Reality to Give 360-Degree Close Viewing Experience of Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The key moments of this sporting event from the Rio Olympics 2016 games will be shown in a complete and true 360 degree HD VR (High-Definition Virtual Reality) which offers an immersive and extraordinary view of this sports action.

Virtual Reality to Give 360-Degree Close Viewing Experience of Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Using the mobile phones having the compatible headsets, the viewers will be directly transferred to the Olympic action which includes the coverage of the opening as well as closing ceremonies along with one event each day. The live broadcasts of the events will be offered for the viewers up on the video-on-demand services which are provided by the different international holders of the rights along with the NBC in the country United States. As of now, 12 rights holders have took the offering of the VR and others still have to confirm.

360 Degree VR Tech Offers All Rio Olympics 2016 Games Events for Viewers

As per the Production Manager - Karen Mullins for the host operator of the OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services), after having tested the 180 degree cameras at the 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympic Games, this is for the first time in the Rio 2016 Olympics that true 36- degree VR tech will be used. It is known that OBS is also planning for the 85 hours VR programming along with the opening as well as closing ceremonies, men’s basketball that includes semi-finals and finals, track and field, beach volleyball, fencing, boxing and diving. Event the small highlights of all the games will also be available in the next day. So, it is a good news for the viewers and they can utilize this great opportunity at hands to watch all the events of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


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