21 August 2016

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Usain Bolt Assures a Place in the Semifinals of the 200m at Rio Olympics

According to recent Olympic 2016 news, Usain Bolt continues his journey at Rio searching for the triple-triple in the track and field amazing events speed. On 16th of August 2016, Tuesday, i.e., 2 days after winning gold in 100m race, he guarantees his place in the 200m semifinals with a time of 20, 28s winning in his qualifying series. It has been a pretty quite race for this Olympian who has reduced his acceleration in the last 50m. But, it was in overall only the 15th time for him. The Canadian Andre de Grasse completed in 20, 29s and stood as the fastest in the qualifying round. There are many other top athletes in the semifinals event from various countries. You can also check Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony details here.

Usain Bolt Assures a Place in the Semifinals of the 200m at Rio

Bolt is Nervous This Time

Though Bolt is experience, he said that this time he was tensed and he told that he is tierd and happy to be passed and that he is looking forward for the 17th August, Wednesday’s which is the semifinals of the match. Bolt who has been the owner of the 100m, 20m and 4x00m relay can to the Rio in search of the 3rd gold followed in the 3 races. He has already won one gold and waiting for the next missing two which is an ambitious goal for the Jamaican in the year 2016 who will be running for the 200m under 19/2. Watch more updates regarding the Bolt soon in this website.


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