03 August 2016

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Rio 2016 Olympics: Lizzie Armitstead Says She is 'Naive' for Missed Drugs Tests

According to the latest Rio 2016 Olympic News, Lizzie Armitstead – The British world cycling star who was suspended on 11th of July 2016 awaiting disciplinary action says that she was “Very Naive” over not challenging the first 3 drug test till her Olympic place was in danger. But, she has appealed for the Cas (Court of Arbitration for Sport). She has argued successfully that the first of the tests needs to be declared invalid.

Lizzie Armitstead 'Naive' for Missed Drugs Tests

But, as per the UK Anti-doping (Ukad), Lizzie Armitstead who is 27 year old has not challenged the validity of the 1st two tests that she missed out at that time. She has told to some source that, she did think regarding this. She also added that the reason that she did not was because it was her first strike and that it is very close to the World Championships, so she was travelling to America. She also said that, she does not have any legal advice and that it has felt very much for them over her saying that she was very naïve. She finally added that she went to the World championships and that she don’t want any distractions.

The chief executive of the Ukad Nicole Sapstead in a statement said that, it had respected the result of the Cas hearing but that they wanted to know the "reasoned decision" that why the first test failure was not validated. There are many other things revealed regarding the Lizzie’s tests by the chief of Ukad and the reaction to this also given by her. Anyways, Lizzie says that she is Naïve. We have to wait to watch the truths soon.


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