21 August 2016

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Officials: Brazil’s Interim President Won't Attend Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

As per the recent update from the official sources, the Interim president of the Brazil who was loudly booed by the people of Brazil at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics will not have to face the same people when the Olympic Games come to end. On Tuesday, his press has told that, he will not be attending the 2016 Summer Olympics closing ceremony which is the ending days of the speculation after he has told in the last week to the journalists that he should go. The spokesperson of the presidential has told the associated press that it is not a protocol for the state’s head to attend the farewell of the games. You can also check Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony details here.

Brazil’s Interim President Won't Attend Rio Olympic Closing Ceremony

After the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the Japan has sad that he will be attending the Rio closing ceremony for representing the Tokyo which will be hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, some of the Brazilian media were taking the absence of Michel Temer as a diplomatic snub. Right from taking over from the suspended president of the Brazil Dilma Rousseff in the month of May, Temer has kept in a low profile. The closing ceremony of Rio Olympics comes just few days before the senate of Brazil is schedule for voting whether to charge the Rousseff.


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