Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Virtual Reality at New Rio Olympic City Museum Gives Opportunity for Visitors to Fly Via Rio

Here is the latest Rio Olympic city news for you. On 5th of July 2016, Tuesday the door of the new museum and the digital center of the Olympic city that has been located in the north side of the Rio de Janeiro near to the Rio Olympics stadium have been opened for the public. According to the latest update, all the visitors there can make use of the virtual reality technologies of state-of-the-art for visiting the venues of the Olympics as well as for the tourist attractions that are located across the entire city.

Museu Cidade Olimpica which is said to be the Olympic City Museum is situated in the Engenho de Dentro region of Rio that is near to the Olympic stadium that was revamped in a building which is a workshop for repairing the trains of the railway.

Virtual Reality at Rio Olympic City Museum

Technology Influence and Virtual Reality Attractions at Rio

The systems of the virtual reality are the main attraction. The visitors or the users can tie the special headsets that are designed for the eyes and they can enjoy the immersive experience of Rio Olympics. The stunning mid-air footage has been taken from the helicopters and hang gliders all across the city which also includes few magnificent shots of the Barra and Deodoro Olympic areas, the city favorites such as Copacabana beach and Sugarloaf Mountain and the recharged center of the city. This new space has made use of the multimedia as well as interactive digital technology. The users can try their hands at Paralympic and Olympic disciplines on a huge screen. They can even learn regarding how the digital innovations and the Olympics sports are making the transformations the life in the Summer Rio Olympics 2016 as well as regarding the technology influence on the sports.

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