12 July 2016

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Usain Bolt Named in Jamaican Olympic Team for Rio Olympic Games 2016

The Running Superstar Usain Bolt was named in the Olympic team of Jamaica for 100m, 200m as well as 4x100m events that will be taking place at Olympic Games of Rio 2016 in the month of August. After Bolt has suffered from hamstring tear which has forced Bolt to withdraw from the Olympic trials of the Jamica, there has been some concern on his participation. But, Usain bolt has been given place on the Olympic team after his medical exemption application has been approved by the Olympic association of the Jamaica on 11th of July 2016, Monday. 

Jamaican Usain Bolt to Compete at Summer Olympic Games 2016

Medical Exemption Applications Allows Usain Bolt and Few other Athletes to Rio 2016 

Usain Bolt is the sprint star who has won in many titles at various events of 2012 Beijing Olympic Games and he also holds 100m as well as 200m world records. Bolt has been on the way to recovery from his injury by getting some treatment in the country Germany from Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wolfahrt a sports doctor. After Bolt has posted his photo on 10th of July 2016 on his Instagram, he seems to be well and that he is on his way to recovery. Bolt even has posted a video top tell all his fans to not to worry as he would be participating in the London Anniversary sports on 22nd July 2016 as he is now ready for Rio 2016

Now, Bolt is all set for competing with his rival Justin Gatlin who has recently ran fastest 100m race at the Olympic trials of the US. Along with Gatlin, his fellow citizen LaShawn Merritt has also been qualified for the race of 200m who will be competing along with Bolt in that tournament. 

Usain Bolt along with three other athletes of the Jamica, along with Hansle Parchment – the 110m hurdles bronze medallist, have been included in the Jamican Olympic team after getting their respective medical exemptions from the JAAA (Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association).


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