19 July 2016

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Travel Passes for Rio 2016 Paralympic and Olympic Games on Sale Now

As said earlier, Rio 2016 will sell the travel cards for the people who want to travel on the public transportation of the Rio de Janeiro and as said, a special version of the public transportation pass of Rio de Janeiro which are commonly known as the RioCard of the Rio 20156 Games are now available for sales at the sales points along with the metro stations, main bus terminal, BRT (bus rapid transit) stops and two airports. People can also buy these passes from 7 Rio Card stores present at the Rio de Janeiro and Pier Maua and also from the wider metropolitan area. These RioCards will be given out from those dedicated machines that will accept cash as well as debit cards.

RioCards for Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games

RioCards and Its Usage

RioCards will give unlimited access for the public transportation network all across the city at the time of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games which includes metro, municipal bus, BRT as well as SuperVia (train) services, with the exemption from the executive buses of the city (known as frescoes).

RioCards are available in three different variants one day card is for one day card is for R$25 – US$7.67, 3 days card available for R$70 – US$21.47 and 7 days card for R$160 – US$49 and these cards can be used right from the activation of the card till 23:59 of the last calendar day for which those cards are valid with two more hours grace time is allowed on last finishing.

It is said that the usage of the RioCard is limited to only one user and that it can’t be transferred to other person. Before the reuse of the RioCard, at least 30 minutes needs to be elapsed between the journeys. These RioCards can be used from 1st of August 2016 to 18th of September 2016 and after that they will be served as the pre-paid pass.

So, Rio de Janeiro visitors can order these RioCards online and get them to travel across the city. The cards that are ordered online will only be delivered within in the city Brazil.


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