06 July 2016

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Top Security Force of Brazil Took Charges Over Rio 2016 Sports Venues

On 5th of July Tuesday, the top security force of the Brazil officially assumed the security control at the Rio 2016 Olympics games venues at Barra Olympic Park in a ceremony. A federal co-operation, The Forca Nacional of many public security forces of the Brazil are said to be monitoring the interiors as well as the surrounding areas of the Olympic and Paralympic games venues in the months of August and September.

The justice minister - Alexandre de Moraes has said that, he is sure that we would be having beautiful Olympic sports this time at Summer Olympics. In addition to the Forca Nacional, 20 other bodies as well as federal police will be coordinating together for giving security at all the Olympic events.

Brazil's Top Security Force at Summer Olympics 2016 Venues

Strong Security Systems for Rio Olympic Games Venues 2016

The other ceremony in the host city Brazil of the Olympics has seen the initiation of the security monitoring system which is said to be used at the time of Summer Olympics 2016 which is named as the Sistema Integrado de Comando e Controle (SICC, the Integrated Command and Controle System). The main aim of this system is to provide the information exchange between different bodies which will be operating at the time of the events. The SICC will be located in CICC, Integrated Command and Control Centre for which all the information, images from all the venues will be sent in regards to the security concerns. This entire security framework that has been designed for the Rio 2016 has also been used previously in many occasions such as in World Youth Day (2013), Confederations Cup (2013) and World Cup (2014).


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