08 July 2016

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Tanzania: The First Country to Confirm its Seven Athletes Team for Rio 2016 Olympics

With 1 Judoka, 2 swimmers and 4 marathon runners the East African country Tanzania with 50 million population has become the first nation for confirming their Olympics team for this Summer Rio Olympics Games i.e., for the first edition of the games. With this, Rio has celebrated its main milestone on Thursday i.e., on 7th of July 2016. Below is the list of Athletes who will be competing in Rio from Tanzania and in which sport they will be participating. Check out the list and know the information.

Tanzania is the First Nation to Confirm Olympics Team for Summer Olympics 2016

The seven athletes who will be representing the nation Tanzania are:
  1. Sara Ramadhani - Women’s Marathon,
  2. Saidi Juma Makula - Men’s Marathon, 
  3. Fabiano Joseph - Men’s Marathon, 
  4. Alphonce Felix Simbu - Men’s Marathon, 
  5. Hilal Hemed Hilal - Men’s Swimming, 50m Freestyle,
  6. Magdalena Ruth Alex Moshi - Women’s Swimming, 50m Freestyle and 
  7. Andrew Thomas Mlugu - Men’s Judo -73kg
Expected Number of Athletes from Few Countries

We all know that, over 200 nations will be competing in the Olympic Games at Rio 2016 and among them, it is expected that the largest teams will be from the countries, host-nation Brazil, USA and China. As per the estimations from the official sources, it is known that nearly 450 Brazilians, about 550 Americans and over 380 Chinese Olympic Players would be competing in various games for taking medals to their countries in the August Rio Olympics 2016.

Let us wait few more days to watch the huge competition ever on the earth with more enthusiasm and excitement.


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