06 July 2016

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Super Bacteria Discovered at Rio de Janeiro’s Beaches - A Concern for Summer Olympics 2016

As Rio Olympics 2016 are near, many issues are surrounding Rio. As per the latest information received from the official sources, a groups of scientists of the Brazil has discovered the drug resistant bacteria that is growing in some of the dazzling beaches of the Rio de Janeiro which is out in a research that has been published recently i.e., a month before the Summer Olympics 2016 at Rio starts.

Research on Rio’s Stunning Beaches – Super Bacteria and Its Effects

As per the Renata Picao – the lead researcher of the study made, the named Super Bacteria has already entered the waterways of the city when the manure that is coming from the local area hospitals has been channeled to the bay. He also added that, they were in search of the super bacteria in the waters of the coastal area in one year time in the five local beaches. Then that they have found that the threats have occurred in the coastal waters in various concentrations which have been linked with the pollution very strongly. The samples were collected in between the years 2013 and 2014 and the superbug that has been detected was carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or in short CRE. Pico later said that, there is no cause for believing that the levels have altered and this is because the raw sewage has been flowing continuously in to many of the city’s waterways. She then told that, the very next step is to identify the impact of the bacteria on humans when they get in touch with the bacteria in the coastal waters.

Super Bacteria Detected at Rio's Awesome Beaches ahead of Summer Olympics

All this news has been out as Rio is ready to host huge number of athletes, officials and tourists in the coming month Summer Olympics. Among those beaches which have been flagged are the Botafogo and Flamengo which are in border with the bay and in which the sailors of the Olympics have already been scheduled for competing. One of the German Paralympic sailors - Heiko Kroger has told that this super bacteria has led to severe skin infections in one of their teammates at the training done recently.

This would be the major concern for the athletes and the tourists of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. So, athletes and the tourists to those beaches are advised to be careful.


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