Tuesday, July 12, 2016

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Summer Olympics 2016: Russia Could be Completely Barred from Rio

The huge athletes doping outrage of the Russia would be the nation banned completely from the August 2016 Rio Olympics.

The anti-doping agencies of the New York Times reports which is said to be representing nearly 20 athletes groups and 10 nations are likely to pressure the officials of the Olympics on Monday to ban the country Russia from participating in Summer 2016 Olympics. As of now, all the truck-and-field athletes from Russia has been banned from the sports after which the widespread evidence, state backed doping at the time of the Sochi Winter Olympics has been found by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Russia to be Banned for Rio 2016 Over Doping Scandal

It is expected that on Monday, the lawyer Richard McLaren would present the detailed report regarding how the doping scandal of Russia has spread wide. If the evidences shown are sufficient bad enough, it is expected that the agencies would proceed with the request of banning the country Russia. But, before making such rash decision, Pat Hickey – the president of the Olympic committee of the European nations has urged for caution.

As there are only two more weeks left for the Olympics, the decision for the eligibility of the Russia has to come out quickly. If the ban in implemented country wise, it is not clear totally on how it would be impacting the athletes of the Russia to compete as independents. Only two of the track and field athletes of the Russia has chance to compete in Rio as independents. But the decision of the athletes has pinched some criticism.

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