26 July 2016

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Summer Olympics 2016: Athletes to Rio de Janeiro Welcomed with Air Conditioning, Condoms

The athlete’s village Rio de Janeiro has started welcoming the athletes on Sunday with a huge number of air conditioning and condoms allocated in each and every bedroom. The latest apartments which are built for hosting 6,000 coaches and 11,000 athletes at the time of the Rio Olympic Games are being known to be called as basic or still austere. But, after stepping out of the balcony of the apartments, the entire complex with its tennis courts, swimming pools and bike lanes looks to be five-star.

Athletes to Rio Welcomed with Air Conditioning, Condoms

The founder of the RSG events - Paul Ramler has told that, that athletes will be having everything they wish for at the time of the Olympic Games. He also added that, he has never seen anything like that at all his years at the sports. The organizers in the local area were describing the 31 17 story towers as "city within a city" which is full with a all the time cafeteria, florist and beauty salon.

Rooms and Their Facilities at Athletes Apartments at Rio

Rooms at the apartments have been furnished with the basic metal beds, disposable wardrobes which are made with recycled fabric and bedside tables. The main entrance of the rooms are guarded heavily as well as equipped with metal detectors. There are no TVs in the apartments, but the organizers have decided to install air conditioners in the rooms for allaying the Zika Virus fears. In total there are 18,500 beds extended out for taller athletes. The simple bathrooms feature plastic shower curtains along with a single oval mirror. There are no cupboards or drawers to store 450,000 condoms which will be given to the athletes which are equal to 42 per each person. As per the founder, athletes would be sticking them in the tables that are given bedside.


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