09 July 2016

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South Korea to Include Swimming Star Park to Rio 2016 Olympics

According to the latest Olympic sports news, the South Korean swimming champion Park Tae-Hwan who has been forbidden from the Olympics for the issue of the doping is said to be competing for the country in the Rio 2016 Olympics after CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports) has ruled the case in his favor. The person has sought for the immediate ruling for the case against doping on him from the body that is Lausanne based by 8th of July – which is the deadline for this star in order to select for the Summer Rio Olympics 2016 swimming team.

South Korean Park to be Included for Rio 2016 Olympic Swimming Event

As per the Yonhap news agency, the secretary general Cho Young-Ho of the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) has been quoted saying as, they will be including the Park in the national athletes list who will be participating in the Rio 2016.

Doping Case Over Park Ruled in Favor to Him – Park will Compete in Rio

Park Tae-Hwan who was 26-years-old has been hit with the suspension of 18 months period after he has been tested positive for using the steroid anabolic which is out of the controls of the competition in the Asian Games 2014. The ban on Park was lapsed in the month of April, but it is known that Park is prohibited from Rio 2016 Olympics as per the KOC rules which will not allow the athletes from participating from their country for 3 years after the expire of the ban regarding doping. But as per the KOC, on Friday the CAS has ruled that the extended KOC ban will constitute a twice risk for the player and so that it should be canceled out. With the rule of CAS, South Korean team has to include the swimming star for Rio who has bagged huge number of gold and silver medals in past Olympics in various swimming events such as 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle etc. So, finally we would be seeing this South Korean star in Rio Olympics.


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