26 July 2016

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Rio Olympics 2016: Seven Swimmers of Russia Barred from Games

According to the governing body (FINA) of the world swimming, seven of the Russian Swimmers have been banned from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics along with those three of them that are linked up with the latest allegations regarding the major cover-up of doping by the authorities of the Russia.

List of Russian Swimming Athletes to not Compete at Rio Over Doping Bans in Past

The reigning champion of the 100m breaststroke - Yulia Efimova is in the list of the four swimmers who have withdrawn by the swimming federation of the Russia as they served bans on doing in the past. The other three swimmers include the Natalya Lovtsova, Mikhail Dovgalyuk and Anastasia Krapivina.

7 Russian Swimmers to Not Compete at Rio Olympics

On Sunday, International Olympic Committee (IOC) has told the athletes of the Russia who are with the doping bans previously will also be barred from the Summer Olympic Games 2016. This decision was made following the decision of the committee to not ban the complete team of Russia regarding claims of state-sponsored doping.

As per the FINA, the three more swimming athletes that are identified by the investigator of the WADA - Richard McLaren when he have inspected the evidences that the officials of the Russian government ordered for the cover-up of the doping tests that are in hundreds. They are Vladimir Morozov bronze medalist, Nikita Lobintsev silver and bronze medalist and the holder of the world junior record Daria Ustinova.

As per the beliefs of Alexander Zhukov – the top official of the Olympics, that a total 13 athletes of Russia will not be eligible because of the past bans of doping. Those athletes are likely to be in the list of cycling, wrestling, swimming, rowing and weightlifting.

On Sunday, the executive board of the IOC has asked all the individual global sports federations for deciding regarding the Russian athletes entry and also announced the latest eligibility criteria. The rules in this prohibit the country Russia from sending those athletes to Rio who have been served with doping bans in the past.


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