Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Rio Olympic Torch Relay Reaches Iguacu Waterfalls – A Meeting Point of Three Countries

With the countdown for the 1st Olympic sports in the South America has entered its last days, the expectations all over the continent has been raising. With only one more month left for the Rio Olympic Games to start for the first time in the South America, the torch relay of the Rio 2016 has now reached the splendid waterfalls of Iguaçu on 1st of July, Friday which is near the triple border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The triple frontier here which is the most visited land marks of the continent, tourists from all over the area has expected that the Olympic games that would happen there would raise the south America’s global profile as well as it would showcase the hospitality and the culture of the greatest stages of the world.

Olympic Torch Relay Visits Iguacu Falls

About the Iguacu Falls

In the language indigenous which belongs to the region, Iguacu means simply 'great water'. It is said to be one of the awe-inspiring waterfalls in the globe which is in total up to 82 meters (269 feet) high, a series of nearly 275 cascades which spread over a plateau that extends 2.7km (1.7 miles) in width. When it comes to the rainy season, the water volume in this waterfall can dwarf that of Niagara waterfalls by an order of scale. Along with the fantastic sight of the waterfalls, the nearby subtropical rainforest is said to be the home for the fauna such as giant anteaters, tapirs, howler monkeys, caymans and ocelots, in addition to few 400 species of birds, like elusive harpy eagle. There are many things to say about this waterfall and its surroundings which would attract the visitors of the place. So, start your trip to Rio 2016 Olympics and also enjoy the site seeing in the nearby areas of South America.

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