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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony Live Streaming Updates

As the countdown for the Rio August 2016 Olympics comes down, fans are eager to watch the various events performed at the Rio de Janeiro of which the highlights of all the events include the openings and closing ceremonies and they are much anticipated event from the Olympic fans.

How To Watch Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony online streaming, TV Channel and via Other Ways

Are you searching regarding where to watch the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony? Then, read out the following information to have the complete details on closing ceremony live streaming networks and channels from this Olympics closing ceremony live blog and watch the closing ceremony in a easy way by just following the details given here.

When is Olympics Closing Ceremony on NBC??

As per the official information, the closing ceremony will start at Maracanã Stadium of Rio de Janeiro on 21st August 2016 at 8:00 P.M. EST (Eastern Time Zone). Because of the time differences in few areas such as United Kingdom, the closing ceremony starts at mid night of Sunday in that area i.e., at 11:15 PM as per their local time.

You may be searching out for the when is Olympics closing ceremony on NBC, right? Then, here is the answer for you. The official network that will air the Olympic closing ceremony is NBC which already aired the opening ceremony and all the Olympic events from the Rio. Here are the details of the Olympics closing ceremony schedule NBC. It is said that NBCU will be presenting the closing ceremony and all the Olympic events across 11 networks. The other network that will broadcast the event is Telemundo (Spanish Language). The details of the cable channels via which people can watch the Olympics closing ceremony NBC are as follows. So, do watch the following information.

Official Broadcast Networks:

  • NBC 
  • TELEMUNDO (Spanish language)

Cable channels:

  • Bravo 
  • Golf Channel
  • CNBC
  • MSNBC 
  • NBC UNIVERSO (Spanish language)
  • NBC Sports Network (NBCSN)
  • USA Network

Watch Olympics Closing Ceremony Online and on Connected Devices

Viewers can also watch the event via Olympic closing ceremony live stream online at NBCOlympics.com which is powered by the Playmaker Media and through the NBC Sports App. Along with the other events, for the 3rd consecutive Olympics, the Olympics closing ceremony live stream is provided for the authenticated pay TV subscribers through TV and mobile devices, desktops, tablets as well as the connected TVs that includes Apple TV, Roku, Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire devices which is for the first time.

Olympics closing ceremony live through NBC Olympics will also provide the Virtual Reality (VR) Programming as well as 4K Ultra HD. These are the details regarding watching via the Olympics closing ceremony 2016 NBC channels and the live streaming.

Apart from watching the Olympics closing ceremony NBC, there are other ways to watch the event via other networks and channels etc. and they are listed below.

Other Networks That Broadcasts 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony

  1. CBC
The closing ceremony will also be aired on CBC-TV at 7:00 P.M. ET with the pre-show beginning at 06:00 P.M. ET as per the official sources of CBC. It is also said that, the event will be live streamed on cbc.ca/Olympics and it will also be available for mobile devices through the CBC Sports App. It is also known that the Olympics closing ceremony replay will also be available through the live streaming cbc.ca/Olympics for a short period of time after the broadcasting on this network. So, viewers can watch Olympics closing ceremony replay online without any hurdles.
  1. BBC
The other network that covers closing ceremony of 2016 Olympics is BBC. It is said that, Olympics closing ceremony live stream BBC will be delivering the live coverage on TV, Online and Radio which starts at 23:25 BST. You can also watch all the Olympics closing ceremony Brazil video and other related videos through it.

Watch Olympics Closing Ceremony 2016 Live Here Through Other Ways

Viewers can also watch Olympics closing ceremony live various other ways and they are as follows.

Rio 2016 Live App: The spectators can also download the Rio 2016 Live app on their iOS mobile as well as android devices and watch the Olympics closing ceremony live stream in which you can watch Olympics closing ceremony 2016 video completely.

YouTube: Viewers can also watch the Olympics closing ceremony live video, video clips and highlights of the event by searching for the Olympics closing ceremony YouTube.

Streaming for Cord-Cutters: The other way is that, the users who wants to watch the closing ceremony can subscribe to the Dish Network’s Sling TV Service which will be streaming most of the NBCUniversal channels which includes the Olympics coverage as a part of their package $25 per month.

Another option that is available is Playstation Vue of the Sony which will also stream the NBC channels with the starting package of $30 per month. The subscribers of the Playstation Vue can also use their login credentials for this service for accessing the NBC Sports app as well as to stream the Olympics on their mobile devices. Those cord-cutters who don’t wanted to pay for this subscription streaming packages, there is another option i.e., they can get the digital antenna. With this antenna, viewers can watch more than 260 hours of Olympics coverage on flagship NBC broadcast channel for free in most of the US locations. But, the antenna itself will be costing around $10.

These all are the various ways to watch the Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony and the other events of the Olympics. Few of the ways through which you can watch the Olympics closing ceremony are free. So, do read the details given here for your reference and watch the Watch the Olympics live stream free and via TV channels and other ways.

When is The 2016 Rio Olympic closing ceremony? What Time it Starts?

The closing ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics 2016 will officially take place on 21st of August 2016, Sunday evening at Maracana Stadium of Rio de Janeiro which begins at 20:00 BRT (UTC−3). This closing event will take place at the stadium after all the sporting events of the Summer Olympics 2016 complete. The Maracana Stadium will be a home for nearly 80,000 viewers on the day of closing ceremony which will be a witness of the three countries (Greece, Japan and Brazil) national anthems being played.

Summer Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony Venue

As authorized, the closing ceremony will start with proceedings which will be a combination of the formal closing ceremony of this international event of sporting that includes the flags hosting, closing speeches, parade of the countries and the flame exhausting. Same as the openings ceremony, the closing ceremony will feature various performances from various artists.

Rio Olympic Closing Ceremony time in Different Countries

Rio De Janeiro
21st August 07:00 PM
22nd August 03:30 AM
United States
21st August 03:00 PM
United Kingdom - England
21st August 11:00 PM
22nd August 06:00 AM
22nd August 01:00 AM
22nd August 00:00
22nd August 07:00 AM
22nd August 00:00
South Korea
22nd August 07:00 AM
22nd August 08:00 AM
22nd August 00:00
22nd August 00:00
22nd August 00:00
22nd August 00:00
21st August 05:00 PM

Team GB’s Athletes are Going to wear Colorful outfits and illuminated Shoes:

Yes you heard right, The Great Britten Athletes Team Reveled that they are going to wear illuminated shoes for the closing ceremony of rio Olympic games. Check out the below video. They are going to wear red, white and blue outfits. These are designed by the Simon Jersey.

2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony Performance By Tempah, Jessie J & Taio Cruz

Summer Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony Venue: Maracana  Stadium

The venue for the Rio 2016 closing ceremony is the same venue where the opening ceremony will be hosted and it is Maracana stadium. It is officially known as the Estádio Mário Filho. This stadium is owned by Rio de Janeiro and it is known to be the biggest stadium of the world with a huge seating of 200,000. But after the renovation for the Summer Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics and Paralympic games for nearly 3 years, the new stadium has been opened in the year 2013 which has the seating capacity of nearly 80,000.

National Anthem at Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

Event coordinators at the Rio Olympics will first play the national anthem of the Greece on Sunday’s night Rio closing ceremony. It is known fact that Greece is the first ever country that has host the Olympic Games. Next to that, the national anthem of the Brazil will be played as it is the host nation of the 2016 Summer Olympics this year.

After playing those both national anthems, the national anthem of Japan will be played at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics as in 2020, the country will host the Olympic Games which will take place four years from now. These are the three national anthems that will be played at the Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony at Rio de Janeiro.

Check Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony Schedule Here

Check out the table given below to know about the Olympics closing ceremony schedule like Olympics closing ceremony time, Olympic closing ceremony date and time, Olympics closing ceremony broadcast time and network and other details.

Rio Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony
August 21st, 2016 (Sunday)
Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Broadcast Network
Live Streaming

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony Timings in Various Time Zones

The 2016 Summer Olympic Closing ceremony program will start at the iconic Maracana Stadium of the Rio de Janeiro on 21st August 2016 at 20:00 which includes the Olympics closing ceremony prayer, Olympic closing ceremony speech, hosting of Olympics Closing Ceremony flags, parade of various nations and the Olympic flame exhausting. Followed by this traditional ritual, there will be Olympic closing ceremony events as given below. The timings of the Olympics closing ceremony in various regions includes the, Olympic closing ceremony central time is 07:00 PM CT, and the Olympic closing ceremony Pacific Time is 08:00 PM PT. So, viewers of those regions are advised to watch these timings and follow the event accordingly as per the schedule given by the NBC and other coverage networks of the Olympic closing ceremony live. 

2016 Olympic Closing Ceremony Announcers 

The Olympic closing ceremony announcers include the Joe Tolleson and the Olympic historian David Wallechinsky. They will make both opening and closing ceremony announcements. 

Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony Mascots 

The official Olympics closing ceremony mascots include the Vinicius who is named after the Vinicius de Moraes – the musician, will be carrying the design characters or the traits of the mammals as well as represents the host nation Brazilian wildlife, whereas the Paralympics mascot is named as Tom. The fictional back stories of them states that both of them were born out from the Brazilians joy after it has been announced that Rio de Janeiro would be hosting the Olympic Games.

What Occurs During the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games?

Well, when it comes to what to expect from the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics or what occurs during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, we can say that it is a closely protected secret. But, as a taster we can expect the Adele, Spice Girls, The Rolling Stones, One Direction as well as many others who have made their appearances in the last London Olympics which happened four years back. We can also expect the popular people from various fields attending the event and many great performances from the artists carefully recruited by the committee for the Rio ceremonies. One thing that would surely takes place or that one that mostly can be expected in the Olympics closing ceremony is that handing over the torch to the Tokyo which is known to be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games.

Summer 2016 Olympic Closing Ceremony Events 

The start of the Olympic closing ceremony program after the traditional rituals will include the Olympic performances by the Olympic closing ceremony artists who have been selected to perform various events on the Maracana Stage; the Olympic closing ceremony music and Olympics Closing Ceremony Songs that are sultry. The songs and the music of the Rio closing ceremony would be awesome i.e., same as the opening ceremony and many famous singers of the country and from outside the nation are going to perform on the Maracan Stage. The program also includes the Olympic closing ceremony DJ which will be at the international level as well as it also includes the Olympic closing ceremony bands played by thousands of artists at the vent. Once after the 2016 Olympic closing ceremony completes, you can also collect the Olympics closing ceremony playlist along with the complete Olympic 2016 playlist that includes the popular songs such as theme song “Soul & Heart” and the Katy Perry’s “Rise” the official Olympic song of NBC etc. So, we advise you to wait for some more time i.e., till the completion of the 2016 Olympic closing ceremony and get the complete list and details here.

Who Is Performing At The 2016 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony??

Along with the traditional features listed above, there will be some celebrations in which a wide range of performances will be made by the various artists same as the opening ceremony. The directors of the opening and closing ceremony events of both Olympic and Paralympics have selected a total of 14,000 various sporting and artistic performers of various fields to perform at both closing and opening ceremonies and entertain the audience. This will include the Olympic closing ceremony music with musical bands, singers, jugglers, cheerleaders, capoeira groups as well as the other range of performers from the country Brazil as well as from other nations too. All these performers have been divided to perform across the four ceremonies of Olympics and Paralympics.

As per the past update from the official sources, it is also announced that after a range of auditions conducted, a wide spectrum of the street dancers have been added to the performers list for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games. It is said that there are 100 dancers recruited by the organizers who will be playing the key role at both the ceremonies.

Who is Carrying US Flag at 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony ??

Do you want to know who is carrying the US Flag in Rio Olympics Closing ceremony?? The US Olympic Committee Selected The Worlds Best Gymnast To carry the US Flag at Olympics Closing ceremony. Yes, Your Guess is Correct. She is none other than Simone Biles. She will carry the US Flag closing ceremony of 2016 Olympic games.

Pop Sensation Kygo to Perform at Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony

According to the official sources, it is known that the International Pop sensation Kygo was announced as the person to perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games that will take place on 21st of August 2016, Sunday.

Kygo is a 24 year old musician, songwriter, producer and DJ. He will be performing a smash hit “Carry Me” with the guest vocalist named Julia Michaels as the curtain of the world’s largest sporting event comes down at the Maracana Stadium of the Rio de Janeiro. Kygo has said that, the opportunity for being a part of this closing ceremony event is a big milestone in his career and it will be the biggest performances of his life.

The General Manager of this new Olympic Channel that will be launched at the Closing Ceremony on 21st August said that, Kygo music will speaks to the Olympic fans of the new generation. He also added that, Kygo’s performance at the closing ceremony is sure for electrifying the viewers all across the world on Sunday night as they have prepared for launching the Olympic Channel in which his music will be the main element of it through which the fans can continue their excitement of the Olympic Games and Rio all the year long.

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Closing Ceremony Cost 

Overall, the Rio Olympic closing ceremony cost or the budget is known to be much lower than the budgets that were spent on the closing ceremonies of the London 2012 and the Beijing 2008 as the host city of the 2016 Olympic Brazil is having the political and economical issues. One of the directors Fernando Meirelles of the ceremonies at Rio Olympics 2016 has told that, they were in financial crisis and that everyone knows about it. He also said that, it would not be fair to spend money that the country London has spent in the ceremonies. So, the Rio Olympic ceremony will be costing the 10 Percent of the London 2012 lavish ceremonies. The exact cost will be revealed soon after the completion of the events and we will update the information here. Despite of this lower budget, the closing ceremony creative directors have already promised for an impressive Rio closing ceremony which would be reflecting the culture as well as the vision of the nation. For more updates on the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony, stay tuned with this site.

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony Tickets

The cost of the closing ceremony tickets for the Rio 2016 Olympics range from R$200 (US$85) for E category tickets which will only be sold in Brazil to R$3000 (US$1271) for A category tickets. The tickets for the closing ceremony can be purchased from the official website of the Rio as well as from the Rio official ticket offices. You can Buy Closing Ceremony tickets from the official website.

Olympics Closing Ceremony Live Stream BBC

The complete Olympic closing ceremony is expected to last at least four hours on 21st August 2016, Sunday Evening. The entire closing ceremony will be live streamed via the official channels NBC and BBC.

When it comes to the Olympics Closing Ceremony Live Stream BBC, the entire event will be shown on BBC One and it will also be covered on BBC iPlayer as per the official sources. Viewers can get into the midst of the Olympic action and the highlights closing ceremony at Rio with BBC Sport that screens immersive 360-degree video live from the Olympic Games. The 360-degree coverage can also be seen through the headset as well as the BBC Sport 360 app or else on the BBC Taster website. You can watch Olympics closing ceremony live stream free via this.

Brazil’s Interim President Won't Attend Rio Olympic Closing Ceremony

As per the recent update from the official sources, the Interim president of the Brazil who was loudly booed by the people of Brazil at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics will not have to face the same people when the Olympic Games come to end. On Tuesday, his press has told that, he will not be attending the 2016 Summer Olympics closing ceremony which is the ending days of the speculation after he has told in the last week to the journalists that he should go. The spokesperson of the presidential has told the associated press that it is not a protocol for the state’s head to attend the farewell of the games.

Abe to Attend Rio 2016 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

As per the sources, it is known that the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has an intention to visit the Olympic host city Brazil for attending the Rio de Janeiro which is known take place on 21st August 2016 officially as per the local time.

It is also known that, at the time of his visit, the Prime Minister Abe has also some plans of participating in the event that is organized by the government for introducing the culture of Japan to the other nations representatives having an aim of grabbing the tourists of foreign countries to Japan.

As Abe has designated to attend the peace memorial ceremony of the Hiroshima on 6th of August 2016 for marking the city US atomic bombing anniversary, he will not be attending the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 as per the source. So instead of this, the Prime Minister has taken a decision to participate in the closing ceremony event of Rio Olympics along with the Tokyo’s newly elected governor.

Japan Campaigning at Rio de Janeiro

At the time of Rio de Janeiro Paralympic and Olympic games, the organizing committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games will be jointly establishing the public relations base named Japan house in Rio de Janeiro along with the other organizations.

The government also had plans of establishing the booth for giving the information with the concern of the campaign named “Cool Japan” that include, anime, cutting-edge technology and traditional crafts.

Barak Obama Announces a Presidential Delegation to Attend the 2016 Olympic Closing Ceremony

On Friday White House announced that Army Secretary - Eric Fanning and Former Basketball player – Jason Collins will attend the closing ceremony of Summer Olympic Games 2016 on behalf of President Barak Obama.

Eric Fanning is the US Secretary of Army, nominated by president Obama on November 2015. He is the First Ever Gay Army Secretary.

Jason Paul Collins Is a Former American Basketball Player who played 13 season in the NBA. Collin is the second gay athlete to play any of 4 North American sports and he is also featured on the cover of time Magazine’s 100 Most influential people in the world.

Pele Hopes to Attend Rio Olympics Games 2016 Closing Ceremony

Here is the good news for all the Brazilian people and the Olympic fans. As per the recent update, it is known that on 9th of August 2016, Tuesday Pele has announced that his intention for attending the Rio Closing Ceremony that would take place on 21st of August 2016 at Maracana Stadium via Twitter post. Earlier on 9th of Aug, he took to the Twitter for saying thanks to all his fans and also regarding his intention to attend the closing ceremony. Because of the ill health, Pele couldn't attend Opening ceremony and now there are chances that, he would be attending the closing ceremony of the Rio Games as he Tweeted his intention via Twitter. So, let us expect him at the closing ceremony.

Penny Oleksiak Would Love to Carry Canadian Flag for Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony If Asked

As the astonishing successful job in this summer is finished, now, Penny Oleksiak would love to do what all the youngsters around the world likes to do i.e., to enjoy with friends and family, to play with her dog etc. But, if any task that is left out for the 16 year old swimming sensation is that, one more honor which is pretty neat. On Sunday, Oleksiak has told that she thinks that getting to represent the entire country at the Olympic Games would be amazing and that to walk with Canadian flag would be love to do job for her. 

Though the Olympic Committee officials of the Canada will not reveal the names of the flag bearers for the closing ceremony of the Rio Games that will happen in the next Sunday until the much closer that Rio Games reaches end, Oleksiak would be the among the odds who would be favorites for that moment. The four medals of the Oleksiak – one gold, one silver and two bronze medals at Rio has kept her ahead of the other Canadian Olympians.

Australia Bans Two Swimmers from Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony and Placed Curfew on Team

As per the recent Rio Olympic news, the Australian Olympic Committee have banned the two swimmers Emma McKeon and Josh Palmer from the closing ceremony of the Rio Games after they have failed in returning to the Olympic village Rio along with their teammates after they completed their outing at the Copacabana nightclub on the Tuesday night.

The chief of the AOC - Kitty Chiller also announced in a statement that, all the swimmers have been put on 2 AM curfew through the closing ceremony that will happen on Sunday. Chiller also added that, the behavior of the McKeon and Palmer were unacceptable and that they have breached the protocols of discipline. Also she added that, she have raised the need for the team leader of the swimming to make sure that he is aware of the whereabouts of the athletes when leaving the Olympic village.

McKeon and Palmer have been ordered for staying in the Olympic village between the 8 PM to 8 AM as per the local time and they are not allowed for travelling in between the sporting events by the official Rio Olympic Games transportation.

As per the latest update, after Australian swimmer Emma McKeon who have been banned from Olympics closing ceremony because of her unacceptable behavior has been reinstated to march in the closing ceremony after she has given hand-written letter to the Kitty Chiller. The reinstatement of the McKeon has com among the friction between the Swim team and the AOC at the Rio with anger at the simmers among the athletes of the Australia here. 

Soon, we will add all the details regarding the Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony Here. So, for addition information regarding the closing ceremony we have to wait for more updates from the official sources. Till then stay tuned to our site and get up-to-date Rio information here.

We will Post The minute to minute Live Updates of RIO Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony here..
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