14 July 2016

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Rio 2016 Officials Reveals One-Third of Olympic Tickets Were Unsold

With only three more weeks left for the Rio Olympics openings ceremony, one of the officials on 13th of July 2016, Wednesday has told that nearly one-third of the Rio Olympic tickets were not sold till now saying that the sales was on the way.

Rio Organizing Committee Spokesman about the Olympic Ticket Sales

Also the Spokesperson of the Rio 2016 Olympic organizing committee has said in a statement emailed that, they have sold out 70 percent of Rio tickets available. Adding to that, spokesman also said that, this was ahead of their income targets and that their goal is to sell out all the Rio tickets. He also said that, this is the total unsold as of now and it will be 1.7 million tickets to those events at the first ever Olympics organized in the South America.

One-Third of Rio 2016 Tickets Not Sold

When requested to comment the Rio Organizing committee on a report that has been in Estadao newspaper regarding the cancellation of the 40,000 tickets with the statement of the Eduardo Paes Rio mayor has told to CNN that the police of the local area were doing the horrible job in ensuring safety, the committee has not responded.

Ahead of the Rio 2016 opening ceremony, a 30 seconds TV spot has been launched on country wide Globo television in the last week, in cinemas and cable outlets.

Apart from the political catastrophe and deep recession, Brazil has been hosting this Rio Olympics in which it is likely that the president Dilma Rousseff, would be removed from his office in a trail of impeachment after few days after the end of Olympics at Rio de Janeiro.


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