27 July 2016

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Olympics 2016: 37 More Athletes of Russia Banned from Rio Games

As per the latest Olympic news, it is known that 19 more rowers from Russia have been banned from participating in the August 2016 Rio Olympics which took the number of suspended Russian Athletes count to a total of 37 as of now in this week. Previously on Tuesday, 8 players across modern pentathlon, canoeing and sailing have been barred along with 3 rowers and 7 swimmers this Monday.

After the damning of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) report in to the state-sponsored doping in the Russia, the bodies that are governing were creating the rulings.

37 More Athletes of Russia Banned from Rio Olympics 2016 Games

Following the International Olympic Committee saying that individual federations needs to decide whether Russians can participate, few international level federations have banned the country to compete overall, some of them have given the partial banning whereas, other federations have given clearance that all the Russian athletes can compete at Rio.

IAAF has already chosen for banning the track and field athletes of the Russia unless they satisfy the criteria of doping strictly. Till now, only a single athlete was able to do that. Recently, FISA the governing body has told 17 rowers as well as 2 coxes’ needs to be banned who were not considered to have engaged in doping, rather not met the criteria of the IOC of having been tested in those laboratories that are outside the country Russia. With this decision only six rowers were eligible from their original team from the Russia.

Few Russian athletes of the games Modern Pentathlon, Canoeing and kayaking and sailing were banned from competing at Rio based on the decisions made by various individual international federations till now. Watch this space for more updated information regarding the Russian athletes ban from competing at Summer Olympics 2016.


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