13 July 2016

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Official Athletes Hospital for Paralympic and Olympic Games Confirmed by Rio 2016

As on 12th July 2016, Tuesday, the Medical City Complex of the America which is located at Barra da Tijuca is known to be the medical center and of the official hospital for the Olympic games. With this, the official and the athletes of the Rio 2016 Paralympic and Olympic Games will be in good hands. This is known to be the biggest medical complex in the Rio de Janeiro state, the medical hospital of the city as well as a medical center having 252 consultation rooms in it. The medical center and the hospital have started operating from 2015 October.

Athletes Hospital for Rio 2016 Got Confirmed

Medical City Complex - The Largest Hospital at Rio de Janeiro

The medical complex which has been situated close to the Olympic village and the Barra Olympic park will be a home for the official and 17,000 athletes during the peak time of the Olympics.

On the Tuesday ceremony, the president – Carlos Nuzman of the organizing committee for Rio Olympics as well as Paralympic games and the chief medical officer of the Rio 2016 Joao Grangeiro have been present at the event. Along with them, two other VIPs were also present at the ceremony and they have helped in lightening up the event and the day for few children who are being treated at the medical center.


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