05 July 2016

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New Smartphone App to Encourage Sustainable Tourism in Rio De Janeiro Around the Olympic Sports

The aim of the program “Eu Cuido do Meu Destino” which was launched in association with the Cisco, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Rio 2016 sustainability program is to encourage the social consistency, to promote the sustainable tourism and to give the chance for the local economy. Stage for the musicians of the local area, transformation of historic stairway and walking tour that has been mapped by kids from close by schools were few among those initiatives.

New App Promoted Sustainable Tourism Around Rio Olympic Games

A New Tool to Coordinate with Social Actions at Rio

One of the tools that are being used for coordinating with the social actions is the app used in the Smartphone named “Eu Cuido” (I Take Care) which will give all the details on the progress of the project such as where they would be taking place, and how the people will be involving. All the events as well as workshops were also planned and they will also include the local residents participation who have been invited for making the transformation in the public areas. For more information regarding this, you can visit the Green Passport website.

It is said that, the very first event would be taking place on the 10th of July with stage inauguration in Praca dos Estivadores and that shows Afoxe Filhos de Gandhi – the carnival group whereas, on 13th of August the tour of pupil’s walking will be started in Morro da Conceicao. Finally on 11th of September, there will be the Conceicao stairway inauguration. People can download this new app tool for their iOS and Android smartphones.


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