05 July 2016

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Heart and Soul: Theme Song Video for Rio 2016 Released

Antonio Marcelo Machado Correa who is just 10 years old makes a practice of the athletics and football at least 4 times a week and he even finds time for helping out in the church which is located at Estacio, Rio de Janeiro, the area where he lives along with his parents. According to the recent Rio 2016 Olympics update, it is known that this person in going to be starred in his 1st music video which is for the Rio 2016 Olympic Sports theme song. Along with Antonio who is an active child in sports and whose stories have given inspiration to this new video, a boxer, a gymnast and a swimmer have also taken part in this video in which some portion of it has been taken in the Olympic stadium. All the children there are in between the ages 10 to 12 years old.

Rio 2016 Olympic Theme Song

Watch Rio 2016 Theme Song Powerful Scenes in the Video Released

Antonio has told that, his dream is to participate and compete there in 2 years. Filming has been the 1st time through which Antonio has set foot in the stadium. He has made a straight line for this new track, where he had danced, ran in joy along with imitating his biggest idol athlete Usain Bolt. Every move of his has been recorded in the video, whereas some powerful parts of the Rio 2016 official theme song video called Alma e Coracao (Heart and Soul) has been released on 3rd of July 2016, Sunday. The pop singer Thiaguinho and the rapper Projota have sung the theme song with the lyrics given by Victor Reis, MC Leo da Baixada, and Rodrigo Marques whereas the track was produced by DJ duo Tropkillaz (André Laudz and Zé Gonzalez).


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