01 August 2016

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Explosion at Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Host - Maracana Stadium

As per the latest Rio Olympic news, the tensions at the Olympic host city Rio are high as the experts of the bomb disposal were not taking chances with the suspicious package at the venue that will be hosting the Opening ceremony of Olympics 2016.

As per the host broadcaster Channel 7, it is revealed that a loud explosion has been heard from the Olympics host Maracana Stadium of the Rio early in the Sunday evening i.e., as soon as the robot has been sent for detecting the suspicious package there. As per the reports, it is known that the package was a tool box. The spokesman of the Channel Seven has confirmed that, there was surely an explosion after the robot has went in.

Explosion at Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Host - Maracana Stadium

On Sunday, Kitty Chiller in a conference to media has told that, she is having persisting meetings with the organizers of the Rio regarding the security issues along with the theft of three shorts and laptop at the time of fire evacuation. She said that, this is concerning claiming that the presence of security was increased with 4 private guards on the doors of entrance as well as more identity checks that are noticeable. She also added that, all the members of the team were reminded to keep their valuables secure and doors to be locked.

Maracana Stadium is soon going to host both opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Olympics after the 1950 world cup.


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