28 July 2016

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Brazilian Weightlifter Saraiva Reis Finds Charging his Olympic Dream with Heavy Food

While many Olympic players eat carefully for monitoring their weight and to maintain their condition, the positive sign or the plus sign before the +150kg category of the weightlifter of Brazil - Fernando Saraiva Reis guarantees that he is already a leading light performer at the Olympic village canteen of Rio 2016.

On Monday, the 26 year old player who has moved to Rio de Janeiro says, “So much food, so much food”. But for an Olympic athlete, who weight is a huge 146Kg eating lots of delicious food can be an actual chore.

Brazilian Weightlifter Finds Fuelling His Olympic Dream with Food Heavy Going

The athlete Saraiva Reis also says that, food for him is not an enjoyment and that he never enjoys it as he has to eat more and put on weight as well as to maintain it. He then adds that, for his food is lit a gasoline a bit and that he had an engine that he has to keep it filling and filling. The player is known to eat nearly 7 meals in a day beginning with 8 to 10 eggs during breakfast which serves an entrée for all day sandwiches, potatoes, fruits, pasta and protein supplements. It is truly a Brazilian style and he even finds space for beans, rice and meat.

Saraiva Reis who was a gold medalist in the Pan American 2015 Games in Toronto, Canada, he has hopes for getting any color medal in the +150Kg event of men’s weightlifting at Rio August 2016 Olympic Games that will happen on 16th August, Tuesday.


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