Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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BMX Cycling Star Mariana Pajon Prepares To Rule Again in Summer Olympics 2016 at Rio

The reigning star of BMX cycling - Mariana Pajon is making preparations for defending against her Olympic gold medal at Rio 2016 and to take over once male dominated conserve of the great sports. The lady has told to some official sources that, when she has started out, there have been no women and now there are lots of women. She also added that, though this BMX cycling is an extreme sport, there are more of men and even women can also participate and compete. The lady has also said that, being women in the game is beautiful and that they can show up to the people that women can achieve anything if they try and also added few other words.

Colombian BMX Queen Mariana Pajon to Rock Again in Summer Rio Olympics 2016

Pajon - An Inspiration and Cycling Queen of Colombia

Mariana Pajon is the BMX champion who has been born in Medellin at Colombia. She has started cycling right from her childhood by outperforming the same aged boys immediately. Saying about this, she told that she has remembered about her first title very well which is in local race where all are boys and in which she has won over all those boys. She is a super lady in cycling and she is a great inspiration to the young women of Colombia. It is good to hear about her that, among the 10 medals that the nation Colombia has won in the entire history, seven of them were won by Pajon.

Pajon is going to participate in Rio 2016 too and that she is very much confident regarding her chances of defeating her title which she won at London Olympics. It is said that the BMX cycling event at the Rio Summer Olympics 2016 will start from 17th of August 2016 and will continue until 19th of August 2016 at new course in western part of Rio i.e., in Deodoro. To watch the stunning event, we have to wait till August.

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