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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Sports List - Check Complete Games and Events List Here

In the year 1896 when the first Olympic sports events have started, there were only nine games contested and right from that time, many Olympics events and sports have been added in to the list Olympics sports as well as some removed too. Since the year 1896, only 5 events Cycling, Athletics, Fencing, Swimming and Gymnastics were contested in summer Olympics and the list reached to 26 in the year 2012. do you want to know How many sports are in the Olympics 2016? and the answer is 28 Olympic Sports. i.e., totally 306 events in the time of 19 days of the contest. For all these games, a total of 161 medals are for men, 136 for women and 9 are mixed medals. Here is the complete list of Rio 2016 games list. So, have a look at the quick list and get ready for huge enthusiasm.

Summer Rio 2016 Olympic Sports

List of Rio 2016 Olympics Games

1. Archery

Archery is the Olympic game that has made its debut in the year 1990 at Paris. After four years Archery made its first appearance, women have joined the event. In Rio Olympics 2016, both men and women will be competing in team as well as individual events.

2. Athletics

It is one of the most traditional sports of the Olympics. Since 1896 Athens, this event has been a part of the Olympics. It is nothing but jumping, running and throwing. This sport offers more number of medals than any other event in Olympics.

3. Artistic Gymnastics

Balance beam, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings are a part of it. In this game, athletes will be participating on various apparatus in team and individual events. This game was also part of the Olympic events since 1896.

4. Boxing

Crosses, Jabs and Uppercuts are a part of the game. This sport made its debut in 1904 St Louis and women have entered this event in London 2012. In Summer Olympics 2016 Rio, there will a total of 13 categories in this game in which 10 categories are for men and 3 for women.

5. Basketball

Slam-dunks, dribbling and 3-pointers are in this game. Basket ball will be celebrating its 80 years of Olympics games celebrations in Rio 2016 in which it made its first appearance in 1936 in Berlin. 12 teams of male and 12 of female will be fighting in this game for medals.

6. Badminton

Since 1992 Barcelona, this sport has been a part of the Olympics. Both genders will be competing in individual, doubles as well as mixed events.

7. Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball has been in the Olympic Games since 1996 Atlanta. Both men and women’s competitions would be taken place on the popular Copacabana beach sand.

8. Canoe Sprint

Contestants will be racing on the even water in canoes or kayaks in this game. In 1936 Berlin Games, this sport has made its debut.

9. Canoe Slalom

With the inspiration of the slalom skiing, this game was in the Munich 1972 Olympic sports. In Kayaks or canoes, competitors will be navigating to the course and playing singles event or doubles.

10. Cycling BMX

Cycling is the most recent sport of the Olympic events which has existed on Beijing 2008 Olympics. It is one of the most exciting games which is said to be a mix of powerful racing, large jumps as well as plenty of crashes. There are individual events for both men and women in this sport at Rio 2016.

11. Cycling Mountain Bike

It is an adventures Olympic sport with steep climbs. After making its debut in Atlanta 1996, there were individual events for both men and women.

12. Cycling Track

This game has been in the Olympics since 1896 Athens. It is combination of the tactics, speed as well as bikes which does not have brakes. There are 2 team events and 3 individual events for both genders.

13. Cycling Road

Cycling on the roads event will be taken place in a stunning scenery background of the Rio. Since Athens 1896, this sport was in Olympics.

14. Diving

When diving has existed in Olympic for the first time in 1904 Olympics, all the athletes have mainly aimed for the long jump. Men and women in Rio will participate in 4 events in duos or individually.

15. Equestrian

On the playing field, both men and women will be competing over one another in this game and it is only the Olympic game like this. It has 3 disciplines, and they are dressing, eventing and jumping. All these are with individual as well as with competitor’s team.

16. Football

At games of Paris 1900 Olympics, football sport has joined its hand and women have joined the event in late 1996. Matches for this sport will be played in 7 Arenas across country.

17. Fencing

In this sport, you can choose between foil or sabre or epee. To Rio 2016, fencing comes with 3 individual and 2 team events for both genders.

18. Golf

After 112 years, this will be definitely a historic moment for golf as it is making its comeback to Olympics now after being a part of Paris 1900 and St Louis 1904 games. Both men and women will be competing individually on latest golf course of Rio 2016 Olympics.

19. Hockey

Hockey is one of the amazing games of the Olympics which have been giving excitement to the audience since the 1908 London Olympics. Later in 1980 Moscow Olympics, women’s had joined the team. In Rio, there will be both and men and women contents.

20. Handball

It is a thrilling spectacle. The handball has made its debut in Olympics at 1936 Berlin games but this sport is being played in indoors since 1972 Munich Olympics. Summer Rio will host handball sport for both men and women in separate events.

21. Judo

Judo is the combination of Ippon, yuko, wazari. This game has been added in 1964 Tokyo Olympics with women taken in to the game in Barcelona 1992. This summer Olympics 2016 with have seven judo events for men’s and seven events for women.

22. Marathon Swimming

This is an adventurous game which is of 10 KM race that will be held in the open water. This sport has made its entrance in Olympics in Beijing 2008 which is one of the parts of the swimming. Rio will make the final decision of competitions of both the genders at Copacabana beach.

23. Modern Pentathlon

It is a typical competition which needs to be played in five acts, swimming, fencing, shooting, horse riding and running and all these five events will be held on the same day which have become part of Olympics since Stockholm 1912.

24. Rhythmic Gymnastics

It is a stunning show where the gymnasts will be using apparatus for wowing the judges. This sport has emerged in Olympics more than 30 years back. Along with the music, athletes or gymnasts will be performing either individual or else team competitions.

25. Rugby Sevens

Even though the 15 version of the Rugby sport has emerged in Olympics sports in between the years 1900 and 1924, Rio 2016 Olympics will be marking the first appearance of rugby 7’s a shorter and faster change.

26. Rowing

Rowing which is one of the Olympic Games has a more than 100 years tradition in Rio de Janeiro waters after making its introduction in Paris 1900 sports. There will be a total of 6 women and 8 men events in boats for nine, four, two and one competitors.

27. Sailing

Though this game has been debuted in 1896 Athens Olympics itself, it has been postponed till 1900 Paris Olympics because of the bad weather conditions. Now, in Rio this of the mostly notable event in which there will be 4 women, 5 men as well as 1 mixed event in Guanabara Bay.

28. Swimming

Swimming one of the breath-taking sports this time in Rio will have a total of 16 events in this game for both men and women in addition with the relays as well as individual contests in four strokes such as breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke.

29. Synchronised Swimming

This event has been making the Olympic audience delight with its rhythm as well as grace since its debut in Los Angeles 1984. This event is completely dedicated for women with duet as well as team competitions.

30. Shooting

This is said to be the first sports of the modern age which has emerged in Athens 1896 Olympics. In Rio 2016, there will be a total of 6 women and 9 men events in which all are individual events.

31. Taekwondo

This is a martial art sport that has been added in the games of Olympics since Sydney 2000. At 2016 Rio Olympic games, there will be 4 weight classes for both genders.

32. Table Tennis

This is the most famous racket game in the world. Incredible reflex and devilish spin will make this game a spectacular event. There are individual and team events in this sport at Rio.

33. Trampoline Gymnastics

It is a dazzling exhibit of aerial acrobatics and somersaults. Trampoline has emerged in Olympics since 2000 Sydney Olympics. Both genders can participate in individual events bouncing to heights till 8 meters.

34. Tennis

Tennis is a graceful sport, men in Athens 1896 has been part of this game for the first time in Olympics later women joined them in 1900 Paris Olympics. Singles, doubles and mixed doubles will be part of the event for both genders in Rio 2016.

35. Triathlon

This sport has been part of Sydney 2000 Olympics for the first time. Running, Swimming and cycling are a part of this event. Men and women will be participating in individual events in this game at Copacabana.

36. Volleyball

Athletes were thrilling the audience since 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Now, in Rio this game will be conducted at Maracanãzinho, which is the sport spiritual home in Brazil.

37. Weightlifting

This sport shows the ultimate strength of the athletes as they lift three times more than their body weight. This game has been a part of the Athens 1896 and the women joined this game in Sydney 2000. There are a total of eight events for men and women each.

38. Water Polo

This has been the first team sport of the Olympics which made its debut in Paris 1900 during which only men have participated in this game. But in 2000 Sydney Olympics, women have joined the sport. This is one of the thrilling games of the Olympics.

39. Wrestling

It is awesome combination of complex strategies and hand-to-hand combat which made its appearance in Athens 1896 for the first time. In this sport there are two different categories, one is freestyle event having 6 various events for both genders and the other one is Greco-Roman in which this event is only for men.

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