28 June 2016

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Shock in Omaha Swimming Trails: New Swimmers Beat Ryan Lochte Out of 400m Medley at Rio 2016

It is known that, the country USA has won all the Olympic gold medals in the 400 mtrs men’s individual medley since the year 1996. Even in Rio Olympics 2016, they would stand among the favorite team for the gold medal but the thing is that the champion of the London 2012 Olympics Ryan Lochte would not be shielding his title and this is because at the USA Olympic trials in swimming at Omaha, Nebraska, the Chase Kalisz a 22 years old men has won the swimming race among 14,000 fans with Jay Litherland 20 year old person occupying the second place and Lochte has in the final qualifying list.

Litherland and Kalisz was the people who are the part of new age group of the USA swimmers who were the approaching Olympic champs hard for getting place at the Rio.

Ryan Lochte Out of Rio 2016 in 400m Medley

Reason Behind Litherland Getting 3rd in USA Swimming Olympic Trails

Lochte who has won the bronze medal at Beijing 2008 and gold medal in the London 2012 event has this time occupied the third place touching the wall after the Litherland. The reason behind securing 3rd place in swimming trails has been revealed by the Lochte that after completing the race that, he has been suffering with a groin injury. This defeat of him does not means that he is out of the Rio Olympic Games 2016. Lochte – 31 year old swimmer who has got 11 medals in Olympics even had signed up for five more events in Omaha along with the 200 mtrs freestyle event.


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