29 June 2016

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Rugby Sevens Men’s and Women’s Groups Declared for Rio 2016 Olympic Sports

After a long break of 92 years, now Rio de Janeiro was now making preparations for welcoming back the Rugby game in to the Olympic sports. Recently, all the men’s as well as women’s groups and their tournaments have been declared by the organizing committee of the Rio 2016 at the headquarters on 28th of August 2016, Tuesday.

Rugby Groups Announced for Rio 2016 Olympics

As per the announcement made, 12 teams of each gender would be competing in the Rio 2016 Rugby Sevens. In the 1st stage of the Ruby 7s competition, they were kept in 3 groups of 4 teams which are decided based up on the rankings of the World Rugby. Every group will be headed by the top 3 seeds. The top two people in every group will be eligible for the quarter finals along with the 2 best teams that are in 3rd place based on the points obtained in the competition as well as the difference between the points.

Men’s and Women’s Teams in Rugby Sevens

In the event of the men’s, the 3 top seeds, Fiji is in Pool A, South Africa is in Pool B were as in Pool C it is New Zealand. With Fiji, the countries Argentina, USA and the Brazil will be joining in the competition. With South Africa, it is Australia, Spain and France and the clash with the Pool C will be in between New Zealand and Great Britain and the other two teams will be the Japan and Kenya.

Rio 2016 Ruby Sevens Men's Groups

In Rugby women’s, the top 2 seeds are Australia, New Zealand and Canada in Pool A, B and C respectively. With Australia which is in Pool A, the countries USA, Colombia and Fiji will be joining; New Zealand in Pool B will compete with France, Kenya and Spain; and with Canada in Pool C, Great Britain, Brazil and Japan will be playing.

Rio 2016 Rugby Sevens Women's Groups

These are the groups of both Men and Women who would be participating in Rugby Sevens in Rio Olympic Games 2016.


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