30 June 2016

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Rio Prepares a Huge of 85,000 Security Force to Ensure Peaceful and Safe Olympic Games 2016

As per the official from the Ministry of Justice of Brazil on Wednesday it is said that, during the Rio 2016 Olympic sports, a huge security force people of nearly 85,000 would be prepared for ensuring the security as well as safety in the Rio de Janeiro streets. 250 Security force members from all across the 55 nations would be involving in the Rio Olympics 2016 and will be extending their support for the police services as well as the armed forces of the local area. Already, 400,000 people background was checked in regards to this and together with volunteers, officials and journalists.

Special Security and Safety Measures at Rio de Janeiro

Special Security Arrangements at Rio de Janeiro for Olympic Games 2016

According to the expectations, more than 10,000 athletes and over 500,000 visitors would come to Rio de Janeiro at the time of Olympic sports that would be taking place from 5th of August 2016 to 21st August 2016. In order to protect all these visitors from any of the threats, the security services were running rigorous background checks on all those people who have been involved in the games. As of now, it is known that a total of 7,262 people were failed in this background checks and with this their request for authorization for accessing the areas of the Olympic have been twisted down. 

During the Olympic Games, security forces will be patrolling in the Olympic Village, tourist areas, sports venues as well as the tactical sites such as major roads and the airports. And for this, as per the officials, it is known that 20,000 police officers of the Brazil have taken the special security training in 15 various security courses.


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