Friday, June 24, 2016

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Project Training Population and Public Workers to Spot Out Suspicious Behaviour Throughout Rio 2016 Events

One of the special projects dedicated for Rio 2016 is making all the staff who is working in the public services especially in the field of transport in order to be capable of identifying suspicious activities or behaviors if any at the time of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and Rio Summer Olympics 2016. The project has already given training for nearly 500 people. The training includes the lecture as well as long distance courses of education for all the big events of the Rio 2016 and it is being coordinated by special secretariat of security of Ministry of Justice.

Security Ensuring Project for Rio Olympics 2016

About the Rio 2016 New Project for Security at Olympic Events

The project which has been designed for the Summer Olympics 2016 also engages in the app creation along with the Federal Police of the Brazil which will permit those situations that are suspicious to be communicated immediately. Apart from this, a campaign for publicity by the military police and Rio state government would be raising awareness in the general people. Their main objective is to change the behaviour of the people as per Daniel Puga. Some group of security agencies, which includes the foreign experts where already working for making sure that city is safe for Olympic as well as Paralympic Games

At the time of Rio 2016 Olympic Sports, the city Brazil will even be protected by IANT (Integrated Anti-Terrorism Centre) in coordination with the federal police along with the security officials participation from different countries like, USA, Belgium, Canada, France, Argentina, the UK, and Paraguay.

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