30 June 2016

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Olympic Swimming Trials Omaha: Top USA Swimmers Failed at Trails and New Wave Catches Up Rio

After completing the three days of the USA Swimming Trails for Olympics in Omaha, it is clear that few new faces would be seen at the Rio 2016 medal ceremonies. On 28th of June 2016 i.e., on the 3rd day of the swimming trails, ruling Olympic champ Missy Franklin in women's 100m backstroke has only finished her place in seventh. Whereas, the two of the qualifying places has gone to 21-year-old Olivia Smoliga the winner and the 2nd place was occupied by Kathleen Baker.

USA Swimming Trails at Omaha

USA Swimming Trails Advances New Faces to Rio

Natalie Coughlin a 33 old lady who was the champion at the Athens 2004 event as well as Beijing 2008 event has now finished in the 8th place and at Omaha. Totally only 2 of the top champions has been qualified for the Rio Olympics 2016 in the individual events. Finally, the big Olympians, Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte have failed in their individual signature events in the trails.

Though the Missy and Ryan had lost in their signature events, Missy has another chance for Rio in the 200m freestyle event that happens on Wednesday. The lady will also be participating in the 200m backstroke and 100m freestyle, whereas the Coughlin would be racing in the 100m freestyle.


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