24 June 2016

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No Wild Card Entry for Mary Kom – Boxing Champ Denied for Summer Rio Olympics 2016

Heart Breaking News for Olympics Boxing fans!! The five times boxing world champion – Mary Kom who has not secured a slot in the Rio 2016 in the boxing category is now heard that, the lady is going to not participate in this Summer Olympics 2016 games as she was not given wild card entry. This is definitely a bad news for her fans.

AIBA Ad-Hoc Committee Chairman about Wild Card Entry Rules in Olympics 2016 Boxing Category – Why Mary Kom Denied Rio Ticket??

On Wednesday, the chairman of the AIBA ad-hoc committee – Kishen Narsi has confirmed the same when he has said regarding the missing out our boxing champ Mary Kom on Rio 2016 Olympics dryly as India has 8 or even more boxers in the past two games.

As per the Narsi, the decision that those nations which are not having over eight boxers in the previous two games will be granted the wild card has been made by the International Olympic committee. And as the country India had a total of 8 boxers itself in London with seven among them are men and our pride Mary Kom. He then added that, it was the rule of the IOC and that they have to respect it.

Unfortunately our pride is not going to be seen in Rio 2016 with boxers getting success in the qualifying Olympic tournaments of the games. Stay tuned for more Summer Olympics 2016 Rio updates with our site. We give latest updates to you.


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