28 June 2016

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New Rio Olympic Velodrome All set for Action: Cyclists to Have Quick Time on New Track

According to the latest Rio 2016 updates, a new track at Rio Olympic Velodrome has been inaugurated officially on 26th of June 2016, Sunday and organizers have taken over the control of the venue on the same day. This new track promises to offer graceful races with fast times on this new track at the time of Rio Olympics 2016 sports as per the cyclists from all across the world. All the competitors have in fact told that, they would have a great time during this summer Olympics after completing the special games event in the weekend.

All the competitors from all over the world has participated in men’s as well as women’s omnium competitions on this latest venue each having 6 races as well as time trails. All the competitors such as Gael Suter, Australia's Alexander Porter and many others have expressed good opinion on this new track saying that the track was smooth, fast and good for racing during Rio Summer Olympics 2016.

New Track for Cyclists at Rio Olympic Velodrome

Official Handover of New Venue Responsibilities to Rio 2016

Rio de Janeiro Mayor has officially given the responsibility for the site or venue which was situated in Barra Olympic Park to the organizing committee of the Rio 2016 in Sunday’s ceremony. The president of the Rio Olympics 2016 has got the symbolic key to this Olympics Vekdrome.

As per the track cycling manager of the Rio 2016 Beatriz Resende, in addition to the testing of this new track, the event also gave the staff and volunteers at the velodrome their initial taste of games action. Not only had those people, even the competitors of the Paralympic games also got the chance of testing the ease of access to the venue. This gave positive and best impression for the competitors. Anyways, we hope this time cyclists will have a great time at new venue of Rio 2016 Olympic games.


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