29 June 2016

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Five Women’s Olympic Football Teams that Could Beat the USA Off Their Platform in Rio 2016

Five leading women football teams Germany, Sweden, Canada, France along with Brazil have at last stopped the USA women from claiming their 5th Olympic gold. America which has won four Olympic gold medals out of five since the time the football team of women’s has joined the Olympic Games by only losing to Norway in Sydney 2000 in the final. But now in the Rio 2016, there is no doubt that USA will be the team to beat. One day they have to lose again. As per the official sources of the Rio, a list of five best teams that would make the American dominance threaten have been drawn in Brazil and which could stop the team from winning their fifth title at Rio 2016 August Olympics. Here is the information of those five women football teams listed out. So, check them out.

1. Germany

Germany – the 2 times world champs has never got a gold medal in the Olympics, but they would be aiming at Rio 2016 title. With their awesome attack at the previous world cup, they were certain for causing the defences problems as they wanted to make the improvement on the bronze medals that they have won. In 2015 world cup, Germany in the semi-finals has faced the USA where the Germany has lost at 2-0 and so they would be definitely aiming to take the revenge.

Germany Women's Football Team

2. France

France is one of the responsible countries for defeating the USA among the two defeats that the country has faced in the last year. It has defeated the USA by 2-0. The coach of the French team Philippe Bergeoo was much confident that their team would come back with medals from Rio 2016.

France Women's Football Team

3. Canada

The Canada was completely a box of all success in the last Olympics 2012. After proving that they are the tough competitors for the USA in the semi-finals competition, the country has won the bronze medal in the match. They have hopes that they can do much better in Rio games 2016.

Canada Women's Football Team

4. Brazil

Though the Brazil women’s team was desperate for the gold medal at Olympics, Rio 2016 would be the good chance for the team to prove themselves because many talented women were there on their side. Brazil women are waiting to show their talent with the support of the home host for Olympics which is important for them.

Brazil Women's Football Team

5. Sweden

Sweden’s has a good history over the United States in the past few years. Since the year 2013, Sweden has played with USA three times of which they have won one among them and two were the draw matches in the World Cup 2015 i.e., the only time that America has not won in the tournament. So, Sweden too have hopes of winning over USA.

Sweden Women's Football Team


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