30 June 2016

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Bristol Weightlifter Sonny Webster Selected for Rio Olympics 2016

An athlete from the Bristol was one among the two weightlifting champions selected for the Rio 2016 and he will be presenting the GB team at the Rio Olympics weightlifting competition. After being topped British champ prior this month, Sonny Webster will be competing in the 94 Kg division of the men’s competition in his games. In past, this champion has already competed in the commonwealth games and in which he has completed fifth. He is also the past junior bronze medalist of the Europe.

Weightlifter Sonny Webster Selected for Summer Rio Olympics

He is a 22 years old champion who has even broken out the record British U23 at the championships of the British. As of now, the GB team has 7 Olympic medals in the Weightlifting competition among them one is the gold medal, three of them are silver and three are the bronze medals. The last medal that the team has won in is at the Los Angeles in the year 1984. Now, the team is ahead to Rio Olympics 2016. So, we need to wait to see whether the magic of getting medals for the GB team continuous in Rio 2016 too or not.


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