Friday, June 24, 2016

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Project Training Population and Public Workers to Spot Out Suspicious Behaviour Throughout Rio 2016 Events

One of the special projects dedicated for Rio 2016 is making all the staff who is working in the public services especially in the field of transport in order to be capable of identifying suspicious activities or behaviors if any at the time of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and Rio Summer Olympics 2016. The project has already given training for nearly 500 people. The training includes the lecture as well as long distance courses of education for all the big events of the Rio 2016 and it is being coordinated by special secretariat of security of Ministry of Justice.

Security Ensuring Project for Rio Olympics 2016

About the Rio 2016 New Project for Security at Olympic Events

The project which has been designed for the Summer Olympics 2016 also engages in the app creation along with the Federal Police of the Brazil which will permit those situations that are suspicious to be communicated immediately. Apart from this, a campaign for publicity by the military police and Rio state government would be raising awareness in the general people. Their main objective is to change the behaviour of the people as per Daniel Puga. Some group of security agencies, which includes the foreign experts where already working for making sure that city is safe for Olympic as well as Paralympic Games

At the time of Rio 2016 Olympic Sports, the city Brazil will even be protected by IANT (Integrated Anti-Terrorism Centre) in coordination with the federal police along with the security officials participation from different countries like, USA, Belgium, Canada, France, Argentina, the UK, and Paraguay.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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Summer Olympics 2016: Rio Games to Exhibit Technological Transformation

Since the 2012 London Olympic sports, technology had been transforming in the day-to-day life in a quick pace. So, in the Rio Olympics 2016 games will exploit some of the innovations in order to improve the performance of the competitors as well as to increase the excitement of the viewers than before. Here is the list of innovations that are going to make their debut in the month of August at Brazil. So, have a quick look at them.

Rio 2016 Olympics at Brazil - List of Events in which Technology Innovations Used

1. Swimming – Underwater Lap Counters

It is a known for the distance swimmers that they drop off the track of their lap count even in the best competitions. But, this times swimmers need not worry about it as in this summer Olympics 2016 they will get help from Omega in the form of digital lap counters. These digital counters will be arranged at the base of each lane and thus the lap count will be automatically updated when the swimmers touches the touchpad that is there on the wall. It is said that this device will be used in the 800 mtrs and 1500 mtrs freestyle swimming competitions.

2. Archery – New Scoring System

In Rio 2016 Archery event an electronic scoring system will be arranged in place of the judgment from the referees. As per the manager of the Archery Luiz Eduardo Almedia, it is said that, when an arrow comes and hits the target, immediately the scoring machine will show the score on the big screen. It is much faster as well as very accurate.

3. Weightlifting – Camera Dolly

One of the most dramatic events of the Olympics is weightlifting. To improve the experience of the spectators at the weightlifting event at Rio Olympics 2016, it is said that there will be a camera dolly that will be following the every moment of the participants on the weightlifting platform.

4. Beachball and Volleyball – Video and TV Reviews

Rio 2016 will be the first Olympic sports in which the teams of the volley ball will be capable of using the reviews of the video for challenging the call of the referees. Whereas, the 2nd referee will be using the TV footage for verifying any points that have been challenged. Replays of the video will be shown on the full-size screen in the stadium when the 2nd referee is reviewing the challenge.

5. Shooting – Electronics Targets with Laser Technology

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, shooting game has used the electronic targets. But, now in Rio 2016 Olympics this scoring system will be incorporated with the laser technology by replacing all the past acoustic machines.

6. Canoe Sprint and Rowing – GPS

GPS at the Canoe sprint and rowing would be giving more detailed understanding for the viewers at the test event which is more clearly than past and they can even watch the competition or the race on big screens in real time.

7. Green Technology

One of the Official IT partners of the Rio 2016 Olympics is Atos. The firm is migrating lots of its operations to the cloud reducing the usage of firm’s carbon footprint and minimizing the necessity of the servers. At London 2012 Olympics, Atos has used 712 servers and now in Rio Olympics 2016 the number will be reduce to 250.
8. Virtual Reality – OBS Broadcasts HD Images

As virtual reality was emerging as the main stream today, there has been no exception for it in Olympics too. It is for the first time that OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) will be broad-casting the HD images of both opening as well as closing ceremony in virtual reality and also in one event each day.

9. Wearable’s – Bracelet and NFC Device

Payment firm Visa in association with the Brazilian bank Bradesco have launched the Rio 2016 wearable such as modern bracelet by which the viewers can use it in the form of contactless payment card for paying for the services or else goods and the other wearable is NFC device that Visa has introduced which is called as the payment ring that will be backed up by the account of Visa. No charging or battery is required for this device and it is also water resistant.

These are all the technology innovations that are going to take place at various Summer Olympics 2016 at Brazil. So, wait to watch the events more passionately this time and have eye feast.

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Rio Olympics 2016: Brazil’s Mint to Make 5,130 Medals for Olympics and Paralympic Events

As only few more days left for the Rio 2016 Olympics, Brazilian Mint has started producing the Olympic medals that are official and that those will be presented for the winners in various Olympic and paralympic sports. As per the update from the Mint, it is known that they were producing a total number of 5,130 medals among which 2,488 medals were being produced for the Olympic Games and 2,642 medals for the paralympic games.

Brazil's Mint Producing Medals for Rio 2016

All those medals will be having the images of the Rio 2016 Tom and Vinicius, mascots, the Olympic torch along with few of the landmarks of Rio de Janeiro. The medals that are awarded at the Summer Rio 2016 Olympics would be the most prestigious as well as sustainable medals that are presented ever at any of the Olympics.

Medals which are going to be presented for the Paralympic sports will be giving the metallic sound when they are shaked and the idea behind this is to help the athletes who are visually impaired for identifying the variation between the medals. This will give a good experience for the visually impaired athletes. There are many such innovations that would happen in the Rio Olympics 2016. To know more such news, stay tuned to this site and check out the details of the Summer Olympics 2016 from time to time.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Golf Event to Come Back to Rio Summer Olympics 2016

After a long period of 100 years, the sports Golf is going to make its comeback to the Summer Rio Olympics 2016 i.e., in the month of August. This is great exciting news to the present women’s world number one 19 year girl Lydia Ko who is from New Zeland.

Most Exited Lydia Ko – To be Favorite for Gold at Summer Olympics 2016

Lydia Ko had said that, when the authorities have announced that the golf will be back to this Rio Olympics 2016, she said she wanted to get herself in to that team. She has been top in the world rankings as the youngest golfer when she was aged only 17 years and 9 months. So, this youngest lady would be one of the favorites in the golf event this time in Rio 2016.

Ko has been born in the Republic of Korea and later on she was moved to New Zealand when she was a baby of just 12 years in getting her citizenship. Even before she reached the number one rank, her immense talent was revolving heads world of golf for many years. Ko at her tender age has grabbed the attention of the nationwide media i.e., when she has participated in Women’s Amateur Championship in New Zealand in the year 2005 and gave fine account about herself. At the age of 14 years, she has been the known to be the youngest golf player in the sports history for winning the professional competition securing the 1st place Samsung Women's NSW Open or Bing Lee in the month of January 2012 and in the same year in an another event called LPGA, she has been the youngest ever winner by having won in the Canadian Women’s open at 15 years and 3 months old.
So, golf players it is good news for you and also the golf fans can stay tuned to watch the event soon in the month of August 2016 at Summer Rio 2016 Olympics.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Rio 2016 Paralympic Sports Campaign Video Won Awards at Cannes –Film Challenges Preconceptions

One of the short films which have been made especially for the Paralympic Games of the Rio 2016 has grabbed the people’s attention well and it has gained 2 prestigious awards in the France in the Cannes advertising festival this week. This short film has already gone viral in all the social networking and social media sites in the month of September 2015 and this video challenges the perceptions of the people with a fact by celebrating the capabilities of some of the top Paralympians of Brazil.

Rio 2016 Paralympic Sports

Bronze Lion and Other Awards for Paralympic Games Campaigning Viral Video for Rio 2016

The video that has been campaigned for the paralympic sports has won many awards and here are the details of it. When it comes to the category public relations – the film has received bronze lion for marketing and content-led engagement. In the category of media, it has gained bronze lion for using the content that is branded for social media as well as for digital. It too had gone for finals for 2 other awards. The Cannes festival is specially dedicated or considered for the academy awards in the field of advertising. This main aim of this festival is to recognize the most innovative campaigns of the year and give them awards like bronze lion which is equal to the bronze medal.

Here is the video of that Paralympic Sports Campaign of Rio 2016 Viral Video. In this video, the stars of Paralympic games who are from Brazil turns up unidentified to gyms and had taken on all the corners. So, have a look at the video and if you have any preconceptions on those sports you will get right answers with this video.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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Rio 2016: Visitors Greeted With 'Welcome to Hell' Warning Banner at Main Airport

According to the latest Rio 2016 updates on Monday, the visitors to the main airport of the Rio de Janeiro have been greeted with some troubling banner with the words “Welcome to Hell”. This banner was visible for all the people to see which is held by the first responders who were making the protests for their late paychecks as well as poor working conditions.

Warning Welcome to Rio's City Visitors

Warning Signs for Rio 2016 Visitors

Along with the words as stated above, it is followed few more lines as “Police and firefighters don’t get paid,” and continued with “Whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro won’t be safe.” 

Whereas on the roadway that is leading from the main airport, blue color lettering on the bridge, it is written that “Welcome, we don’t have hospitals!”

Warning Sign to Visitors at Rio City

Ahead of the Olympic sports, there have been many concerns in the city regarding the Zika Virus, rush of the city for completing the construction, the pollution in the local inlet have all been superseded with the rising worries. As per one of the spokesman of the police force of the Rio, it is declared that “We are in a meltdown”.

The protests that happened on Monday has started after the state government of the Rio has declared that, the place is in a “state of calamity” which would cause a complete collapse in public security, education, health, environmental management and transport. Now, the Brazil is has been in terrible threats from a failing economy, and right from the World Cup that has been held in the year 2014, the Rio’s city saw rising in the urban violence. These are all the concerns that lead to the protests. With this, definitely the visitors of the Rio would be feared off and would question about the safety and security in the place and would fell is doubt of visiting the city for Summer Rio 2016 Olympics. Let us wait and watch, how government would react to this.
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony to Lead USA Basketball Team at Rio Olympic Games 2016

Recently, the country USA has made an official announcement regarding the 12 players who would like to win a 3rd consecutive title of the men’s Olympic basketball in Rio de Janeiro 2016 in the month of August. Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony who were the gold medalists of the London 2012 Olympics have been joined by four other players had also won in the world cup in 2014 and with this victory the team has guaranteed their countries place at Rio Olympics 2016

Kyrie Irving who has got the top score in the final World Cup and who had played the lead role recently in Cleveland Cavaliers 1st NBA title has been named besides the fellow winners of the 2014 World Cup DeMar DeRozan, DeMarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson.

Summer Rio 2016 USA Men's Basketball Team

Anthony and Durant Records and Their Role at Rio 2016

Carmelo Anthony who has won the gold medals at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games along with the silver medal at Athens 2004 would be the first USA male basketball player who will be playing the four Olympics games.

Whereas Kevin Durant who has been elected as the most important player as USA has won the world title in 2012 and got top score for his country at the 2012 London Olympics, was named in his second team of Olympics.

The full line-up along with the clubs in brackets include the: Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks); Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls); Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors); DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors); Paul George (Indiana Pacers); Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers); Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors); Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors); DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors).
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Rio Olympics 2016: 6 Football Matches to be Hosted in Manaus – Amazon

Here is the latest update from the officials of the Rio Olympics 2016. As per the news, the city known as Manaus which is deep inside the rainforest Amazon is said to be hosting all the six football matches that features a total of 8 teams at the time of group stages on the Olympic games of Rio 2016. 

Amazonia Arena has been built for the World Cup Match of 2014, when it has hosted 4 games. The capacity of the Amazonia Stadium includes 43,100 people.

Rio Olympics 2016 Football Matches Men Teams

Summer Rio 2016 Olympics Football Tournaments for Men

Rio Olympics 2016 Football Matches Women Teams

Rio 2016 Olympics Football Tournaments for Women

Highlights of the Rio 2016 Olympics Football Tournaments at Manaus Amazon

Few highlights which are scheduled for the Arena of the Amazonia include the, featuring of the Brazil and USA women along with four games that is played by the men’s group that is most uniformly matched. Whereas, the countries Sweden, Nigeria, Colombia and Japan would be forming the Group B. Each of these teams will be playing two times at the Amazonia ground. Runners among this group would be mostly facing the Brazil in the quarter finals of the match in which the Brazil would led by Neymar. Let us wait and look forward for the matches.

Here is the list of football matches in Rio 2016 Olympics at Manaus, Amazon and Its Complete Schedule. Have a Look!!

Rio Olympics 2016 Football Match Schedule
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Rio 2016 Authorities Started Travel Cards for Public Transport during Paralympic and Olympic Games

Good News for Rio 2016 fans. Recently, the Rio transport authorities de Janeiro has launched selling out some special travel cards for Summer Olympics 2016. With the help of this card, the visitors can go around the city where the Rio Olympics 2016 will be hosted as well as to and from the various venues of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. This card will allow the users unlimited travelling in the public transportation network that has been spread out throughout the city for one or three or seven days. Check out more details of the Rio 2016 Travel Cards from below details.

RioCard 2016 – Its Access and Usage

Rio 2016 Travel Cards have been launched officially on 23rd of June 2016, Thursday. Once you purchase the RioCard, it will give you complete access to the bus, train, train and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) networks.

Types of Rio Cards:

RioCard is available with different options. The authorities have launched three different categories of Rio Cards for the Summer Olympics 2016 and they are as listed below.
  • Rio One-Day Card - Costs US $7.50 (25 reais)
  • Rio Three-Days Card US $20.90 (70 reais) and 
  • Rio Seven-Days Card US $47.85(160 reais)
All these RioCards are said to be accepted on the Rio public transport network from 1st of August to 19th of September. By the midnight of last day all the cards that are valid will be expired. But, as some of the Rio events would be completing after the midnight, it is said that there will be a grace time for two more hours after that expire for allowing the visitors for coming back from the venues of the Summer Rio 2016.

Rio 2016 RioCard

RioCard – Its Acceptance in Rio’s Public Transport Networks

Among the two modes of transportation, The TransOlímpica BRT line which associates Barra Olympic Park and the 2nd largest venue group in Deodoro, as well as Line 4 of the metro – only those people with the valid RioCard will be able to get in on the onboard. Apart from this, for the other public transport of the Rio, people who are not having the RioCard have to pay the cash for purchasing the normal ordinary ticket.

As per the Rio authorities, new tram network of the city or which is called VLT that has started its operating in the month of June would also be accepting this RioCard. As of now, this VLT is free for using and it do only have limited running in the center of the city. 

On the same bus line or else on the similar form of the public transport, the minimum times between the trips will be 30 minutes.

Note: The RioCard is not valid or it can’t be used on the intercity buses and on the business-class of the city.

Places to Buy Rio Travel Cards

As per the Rio authorities, the RioCards can be purchased or else ordered in online. But, the thing is that, they will be delivered only within the city Brazil. After that from 15th of July, viewers can buy the Rio Travel Cards at all the points of the sales that are spread all over the city.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Sports List - Check Complete Games and Events List Here

In the year 1896 when the first Olympic sports events have started, there were only nine games contested and right from that time, many Olympics events and sports have been added in to the list Olympics sports as well as some removed too. Since the year 1896, only 5 events Cycling, Athletics, Fencing, Swimming and Gymnastics were contested in summer Olympics and the list reached to 26 in the year 2012. do you want to know How many sports are in the Olympics 2016? and the answer is 28 Olympic Sports. i.e., totally 306 events in the time of 19 days of the contest. For all these games, a total of 161 medals are for men, 136 for women and 9 are mixed medals. Here is the complete list of Rio 2016 games list. So, have a look at the quick list and get ready for huge enthusiasm.

Summer Rio 2016 Olympic Sports

List of Rio 2016 Olympics Games

1. Archery

Archery is the Olympic game that has made its debut in the year 1990 at Paris. After four years Archery made its first appearance, women have joined the event. In Rio Olympics 2016, both men and women will be competing in team as well as individual events.

2. Athletics

It is one of the most traditional sports of the Olympics. Since 1896 Athens, this event has been a part of the Olympics. It is nothing but jumping, running and throwing. This sport offers more number of medals than any other event in Olympics.

3. Artistic Gymnastics

Balance beam, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings are a part of it. In this game, athletes will be participating on various apparatus in team and individual events. This game was also part of the Olympic events since 1896.

4. Boxing

Crosses, Jabs and Uppercuts are a part of the game. This sport made its debut in 1904 St Louis and women have entered this event in London 2012. In Summer Olympics 2016 Rio, there will a total of 13 categories in this game in which 10 categories are for men and 3 for women.

5. Basketball

Slam-dunks, dribbling and 3-pointers are in this game. Basket ball will be celebrating its 80 years of Olympics games celebrations in Rio 2016 in which it made its first appearance in 1936 in Berlin. 12 teams of male and 12 of female will be fighting in this game for medals.

6. Badminton

Since 1992 Barcelona, this sport has been a part of the Olympics. Both genders will be competing in individual, doubles as well as mixed events.

7. Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball has been in the Olympic Games since 1996 Atlanta. Both men and women’s competitions would be taken place on the popular Copacabana beach sand.

8. Canoe Sprint

Contestants will be racing on the even water in canoes or kayaks in this game. In 1936 Berlin Games, this sport has made its debut.

9. Canoe Slalom

With the inspiration of the slalom skiing, this game was in the Munich 1972 Olympic sports. In Kayaks or canoes, competitors will be navigating to the course and playing singles event or doubles.

10. Cycling BMX

Cycling is the most recent sport of the Olympic events which has existed on Beijing 2008 Olympics. It is one of the most exciting games which is said to be a mix of powerful racing, large jumps as well as plenty of crashes. There are individual events for both men and women in this sport at Rio 2016.

11. Cycling Mountain Bike

It is an adventures Olympic sport with steep climbs. After making its debut in Atlanta 1996, there were individual events for both men and women.

12. Cycling Track

This game has been in the Olympics since 1896 Athens. It is combination of the tactics, speed as well as bikes which does not have brakes. There are 2 team events and 3 individual events for both genders.

13. Cycling Road

Cycling on the roads event will be taken place in a stunning scenery background of the Rio. Since Athens 1896, this sport was in Olympics.

14. Diving

When diving has existed in Olympic for the first time in 1904 Olympics, all the athletes have mainly aimed for the long jump. Men and women in Rio will participate in 4 events in duos or individually.

15. Equestrian

On the playing field, both men and women will be competing over one another in this game and it is only the Olympic game like this. It has 3 disciplines, and they are dressing, eventing and jumping. All these are with individual as well as with competitor’s team.

16. Football

At games of Paris 1900 Olympics, football sport has joined its hand and women have joined the event in late 1996. Matches for this sport will be played in 7 Arenas across country.

17. Fencing

In this sport, you can choose between foil or sabre or epee. To Rio 2016, fencing comes with 3 individual and 2 team events for both genders.

18. Golf

After 112 years, this will be definitely a historic moment for golf as it is making its comeback to Olympics now after being a part of Paris 1900 and St Louis 1904 games. Both men and women will be competing individually on latest golf course of Rio 2016 Olympics.

19. Hockey

Hockey is one of the amazing games of the Olympics which have been giving excitement to the audience since the 1908 London Olympics. Later in 1980 Moscow Olympics, women’s had joined the team. In Rio, there will be both and men and women contents.

20. Handball

It is a thrilling spectacle. The handball has made its debut in Olympics at 1936 Berlin games but this sport is being played in indoors since 1972 Munich Olympics. Summer Rio will host handball sport for both men and women in separate events.

21. Judo

Judo is the combination of Ippon, yuko, wazari. This game has been added in 1964 Tokyo Olympics with women taken in to the game in Barcelona 1992. This summer Olympics 2016 with have seven judo events for men’s and seven events for women.

22. Marathon Swimming

This is an adventurous game which is of 10 KM race that will be held in the open water. This sport has made its entrance in Olympics in Beijing 2008 which is one of the parts of the swimming. Rio will make the final decision of competitions of both the genders at Copacabana beach.

23. Modern Pentathlon

It is a typical competition which needs to be played in five acts, swimming, fencing, shooting, horse riding and running and all these five events will be held on the same day which have become part of Olympics since Stockholm 1912.

24. Rhythmic Gymnastics

It is a stunning show where the gymnasts will be using apparatus for wowing the judges. This sport has emerged in Olympics more than 30 years back. Along with the music, athletes or gymnasts will be performing either individual or else team competitions.

25. Rugby Sevens

Even though the 15 version of the Rugby sport has emerged in Olympics sports in between the years 1900 and 1924, Rio 2016 Olympics will be marking the first appearance of rugby 7’s a shorter and faster change.

26. Rowing

Rowing which is one of the Olympic Games has a more than 100 years tradition in Rio de Janeiro waters after making its introduction in Paris 1900 sports. There will be a total of 6 women and 8 men events in boats for nine, four, two and one competitors.

27. Sailing

Though this game has been debuted in 1896 Athens Olympics itself, it has been postponed till 1900 Paris Olympics because of the bad weather conditions. Now, in Rio this of the mostly notable event in which there will be 4 women, 5 men as well as 1 mixed event in Guanabara Bay.

28. Swimming

Swimming one of the breath-taking sports this time in Rio will have a total of 16 events in this game for both men and women in addition with the relays as well as individual contests in four strokes such as breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke.

29. Synchronised Swimming

This event has been making the Olympic audience delight with its rhythm as well as grace since its debut in Los Angeles 1984. This event is completely dedicated for women with duet as well as team competitions.

30. Shooting

This is said to be the first sports of the modern age which has emerged in Athens 1896 Olympics. In Rio 2016, there will be a total of 6 women and 9 men events in which all are individual events.

31. Taekwondo

This is a martial art sport that has been added in the games of Olympics since Sydney 2000. At 2016 Rio Olympic games, there will be 4 weight classes for both genders.

32. Table Tennis

This is the most famous racket game in the world. Incredible reflex and devilish spin will make this game a spectacular event. There are individual and team events in this sport at Rio.

33. Trampoline Gymnastics

It is a dazzling exhibit of aerial acrobatics and somersaults. Trampoline has emerged in Olympics since 2000 Sydney Olympics. Both genders can participate in individual events bouncing to heights till 8 meters.

34. Tennis

Tennis is a graceful sport, men in Athens 1896 has been part of this game for the first time in Olympics later women joined them in 1900 Paris Olympics. Singles, doubles and mixed doubles will be part of the event for both genders in Rio 2016.

35. Triathlon

This sport has been part of Sydney 2000 Olympics for the first time. Running, Swimming and cycling are a part of this event. Men and women will be participating in individual events in this game at Copacabana.

36. Volleyball

Athletes were thrilling the audience since 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Now, in Rio this game will be conducted at Maracanãzinho, which is the sport spiritual home in Brazil.

37. Weightlifting

This sport shows the ultimate strength of the athletes as they lift three times more than their body weight. This game has been a part of the Athens 1896 and the women joined this game in Sydney 2000. There are a total of eight events for men and women each.

38. Water Polo

This has been the first team sport of the Olympics which made its debut in Paris 1900 during which only men have participated in this game. But in 2000 Sydney Olympics, women have joined the sport. This is one of the thrilling games of the Olympics.

39. Wrestling

It is awesome combination of complex strategies and hand-to-hand combat which made its appearance in Athens 1896 for the first time. In this sport there are two different categories, one is freestyle event having 6 various events for both genders and the other one is Greco-Roman in which this event is only for men.
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RIO Summer Olympics 2016 Complete Schedule Sport Wise & Day Wise

olympics schedule 2016

The Rio Olympics committee has released the schedule of 2016 Summer Olympics. The Summer Olympics opening ceremony will be held on 5th August 2016 at Maracanã. The sports events will starts from 6th August 2016. You can check the complete schedule of Sports wise Events of Rio summer Olympics in the below table. The Sport events will take place in 33 venue across 5 cities for 28 Olympic Sports. Just go through the below table for complete Schedule of Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.



Olympic Stadium

Athletics - Marathon

Athletics - Race Walk

Riocentro - Pavilion 4

Youth Arena / Carioca Arena 1

Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball Arena

Riocentro - Pavilion 6

Canoe Slalom
Whitewater Stadium

Canoe Sprint
Lagoa Stadium

Cycling BMX
Olympic BMX Centre

Cycling Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike Centre

Cycling - Road Race
Fort Copacabana

Cycling - Road Time Trial

Cycling - Track
Rio Olympic Velodrome

Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre

Equestrian - Dressage
Olympic Equestrian Centre

Equestrian - Eventing
Olympic Equestrian Centre

Equestrian - Jumping
Olympic Equestrian Centre

Carioca Arena 3


Mané Garrincha Stadium

Amazônia Arena


Olympic Stadium

Fonte Nova Arena

São Paulo Arena

Olympic Golf Course

Gymnastics - Artistic
Rio Olympic Arena

Gymnastics - Rhythmic
Rio Olympic Arena

Gymnastics - Trampoline
Rio Olympic Arena

Future Arena

Olympic Hockey Centre

Carioca Arena 2

Marathon Swimming
Fort Copacabana

Modern Pentathlon
Youth Arena

Lagoa Stadium

Deodoro Stadium

Marina da Glória

Olympic Shooting Centre

Olympic Aquatics Stadium

Synchronised Swimming
Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre B

Table Tennis
Riocentro - Pavilion 3

Carioca Arena 3

Olympic Tennis Centre

Fort Copacabana


Water Polo
Julio de Lamare Aquatics Centre / Olympic Aquatics Stadium

Rio Centro - Pavilion 2

Wrestling - Freestyle
Carioca Arena 2

Wrestling - Greco-Roman
Carioca Arena 2

Opening Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Sports Event

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