Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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London games may crash the entire cyber space

London Olympics organizing committee has warned the England business to get ready to take care of online customer service during the Olympic Games. As we all know large number of people will access the internet at peak times. So everyone will face the hard time in accessing the net. Sometimes it may drops down too.

As a precaution ISPs have planned to introduce the data caps at such difficult times to manage the situation. So Some ISPs Customer base may be provided with the equally same set of service.

This warning shows how much our lives got an impact through this web. However London businesses are advised to consider some alternative ways to have the UN interrupted communication with their customers worldwide.

During the peak time making the employees to sit in the home and work through online may not be a good idea. People from all over the world will be sitting on their computers to watch the all the London Olympic games.

Streaming video websites are the root cause for the entire slow down. Not all the streaming video sites are authorized by the governments. Last year Tom Brady was the only person who was admitted to watch the super bowls through this kind of video streaming. But now the whole planet is going to do this. So just imagine the threat we are about to face.

Some other has started to think like our ISP’s will improve their facilities because of this unexpected traffic. However if we can obtain a better service it will be beneficial.

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