Monday, January 23, 2012

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London 2012 Organizing Committee Allows Ticket reselling of London Olympics 2012

If you already bought the tickets for London 2012 then you can start to submit for resale.

This announcement has been made by the London 2012 Organizing Committee. The facility   is enabled in the London 2012 official website. But there is dead line is determined for those who want to resale their tickets. So you can utilize this opportunity until May 3, 2012. This window period will not be extended anymore.

The reason is London 2012 organizing committee has kept some tickets for selling in the later of May 2012.The total number of tickets to be available for sale in this year is estimated to one million. But out of this one million, nearly ten thousand tickets will go unavailable just because of the ticketing glitch. The London 2012 Organizing Committee and its ticketing agent Ticketmaster have confirmed approximately 10000 tickets are oversold because of human errors made in the ticket reservation process.
However it is a usual one that happens every year in the Olympic ticketing process. This year LOCOG have introduced the ballot ticketing system. In this system potential buyers of tickets need to give in an application that contains details about the tickets they are going to buy. These applications will typically ask the applicants to enter all the events they want to see in preference. In this process once this application is submitted it doesn’t mean that the tickets are allocated. Instead only the Applicants those who win the ballot will be provided with the London 2012 tickets.

Among the public this ballot ticketing system has brought the dissatisfaction. The official website of London Olympic 2012 was not designed to bear the heavy traffic at the time of applications had made available to reserve.

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