Monday, August 11, 2008

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Medal Counts and Rules Recap

Your Fantasy Olympics Committee hopes you are enjoying the already epic Olympic competition. (Did you see that swimming relay? Amazing.) In case you’ve not noticed, all medal counts will be updated by the Commissioner or a member of the Fantasy Olympics Committee. We aim to update medal and division counts by the end of the working day (Eastern time). So keep checking back to see where you stand. Also, we recap here the Rules and the Announcements to reiterate how we score the league: 1. For this Olympiad competition, we randomly divided 85 teams into 11 leagues. In light of the increased number of athletes at the summer games (nearly 600 on Team USA), each team picked 12 athletes plus 1 tiebreaker country. We will crown 11 league winners, in addition to an overall champion. The prize will remain the same as in the past: unending respect and admiration, and maybe a free drink from each of the other participants the next time you see them. 2. Remember: Each player will select a total of 12 athletes. Any athletes not drafted will be deemed Free Agents. Teams may add, drop or trade players through their first event. Whoever holds the athlete at the time of his or her first event is locked in and cannot remove the athlete from the roster. A player may draft a tiebreaker country in any round, but remember that the medals won by that country will only come into play in the event of a tie. 3. Medals in team sports can only count once toward the final total, and team sports can only be chosen by one person per league. For example, someone pinning their medal hopes on USA Basketball should choose the team, not LeBron James. After that team is chosen, no one else can choose that team. 4. However, anyone who competes in an individual sport (i.e., swimmers, runners, etc.) should be chosen individually, and each relay medal will count toward your total. The basketball player can't win an individual medal. However, if you take Lezak—SERIOUSLY, HOW GREAT WAS THE 400 FREE RELAY!?!—you do so because he can win medals in several events. Same thing with Venus or Serena. The point is that you get all medals for any athlete who compete in individual events, even if some of those medals come in relays. 5. The winner will be the team with the most points at the end of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Points will be assigned as follows: 3 points for a gold medal, 2 points for a silver medal, and 1 point for a bronze medal. Each team’s final score will be based on an aggregate score from his or her 12 players. 6. Each player will also select one non-USA country whose gold medal count will be used to determine a winner, in the event of a tie among two or more players’ aggregate scores. If the gold medal count fails to break the tie, then the silver count, and finally the bronze count, will be used. 7. We do not weight any sports. 8. Have fun. And tip your waitstaff. They’re working hard for you.

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